You all should remember a few weeks ago, I took part in theย Burning Rose cover reveal. This week,ย Burning Rose released to the world!

I’m so excited for this book, and I can’t possibly recommend it enough. I received an ARC of this, and it was absolutely worth every moment I spent reading it. (Including the after-midnight moments when I stayed up reading. ๐Ÿ˜› )

Today, I’ve got a little behind the scenes snippet from the authorโ€”Hope Annโ€”aboutย Rose of the Oath.

Writing Burning Rose took around two years, from the publication of the first novella to the final paperback. Of course, that wasnโ€™t non-stop writing. I published each of the three novellas contained in the paperback separately as ebooks, then pulled them together for the first book of Legends of Light.


My original Legends of Light novella isnโ€™t actually part of the series anymore. The first novella used to be Rose of Prophecy, which I wrote for the Rooglewood Beauty and the Beast contest and then adjusted for Legends of Light when I decided to self-publish. But, while I liked the novella, I hadnโ€™t written it for the series. I knew I could work in both the worldโ€™s history and theme better. So, after writing Shadows of the Hersweald, I went back and wrote a completely different story, Rose of the Night and Rose of the Oath. The new novella, and its prequel, retold the same fairy tale but set the foundations of the series much better. Rose of Prophecy I unpublished, for the time being. One day I may go over it again, but for now it is simply free on my website for the few who know about it.


Read both my new Beauty and the Beast retelling and its prequel in my new paperback collection, Burning Rose!

~ My Review ~

Burning Rose is a stunning collection of stories full of hope and light. From the very beginning, I loved the writing style and the setting. Hope Ann’s writing style is enrapturing and really pulls me into the story. It was sweet and gripping and exciting all in one. I connected with the each of the characters so well.

I hugely enjoyed this whole book, and there were just so many details and elements in each story that made it deep and complex. Most novellas are more sparse in that area, but these ones were like full novels fitted nicely into a small story.

I may or may not have stayed up after midnight to finish it. *ahem*

The retelling parts of the stories were so creatively done and in a captivating way. Not the predictable feel that some retellings have. It was unique and different, yet still had hints of the familiar tale woven through the overall story.

The first two stories were my favourites out of them all, but I still loved each one. There is such truth buried in these stories and it rings out through the subtext and story in a way that’s absolutely not preachy at all, and is so beautiful to read.

I highly recommend this without reservations (ages 13+). They’re beautiful retellings and stories that are simply so full of light and hope.


~ Some short thoughts on each individual story ~

Rose of the Night – 5 stars
A bittersweet story of rebellion and hope. I love that even in the darkness, there’s still such light. There might be horror now, but it won’t last. I definitely enjoyed this read immensely.

Rose of the Oath – 5 stars
I really loved this read. There were a few plot twists, though I did guess them before they happened.

The characters were really intriguing, and I particularly liked watching the development that both Elissa and the beast went through. It was honestly just really cool.

Song of the Sword – 4.5 stars
This was an epic story and the magic was so intriguing and simple enough that all the explanations and details didn’t bore me, but it still made sense.

The characters were cool, and I loved the unique twist that the main characters were just flawed human beings who made mistakes.

I was a touch confused with all the Melody and Reality ‘dimension’ hopping, I guess you could call it. I got lost once or twice.

Shadows of the Herweald – 4.5 stars
This story was a more bitter and darker story out of all the Legends of Light, but because of the darkness, the light and hope shone out all the brighter.

I really liked the fact that the POV character was a former soldier from Tauscher’s (the villain) army. It gave it a really unique feel and message.


Overall,ย Burning Rose is an amazing book, and I absolutely recommend it. There is such truth and light between the pages of the book, and I loved it so much.


Let’s chat! Have you read anything by Hope Ann? What other new (or soon-to-be) released books are you enthused about?

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