I have a list of tags that I’ve been given. A list about 7-tags long. I don’t want to bore you all with ‘oh, and yet another tag post’ so I decided to find a new and different way to answer these questions.

Today, I’m eliminating one of the seven tags and am going to do the Rising Author’s tag (courtesy of Jess) in vlog form.

Since this was the first vlog I’ve done since launching my website, I considered trying to be slightly more professional. Because I felt a little like it would be awkward or weird to have my normal sort of vlog on a professional website. And then it hit me.

No. I can’t let professionalism get in the way of being me.

This is me. I laugh a lot. I stumble over my words and say ‘um’ way too much. I forget what I was saying in the middle of sentences. I don’t want to show you all a ‘Jane Maree’ that isn’t real. I want to be a friend to you, and to do that, I can’t put on a face just for the look of it.

So here you go. This vlog is absolutely 100% me (including the fact that I accidentally slipped into an accent once or twice). I even sang at one point (although normally I sing…slightly better than that. xP)

Also it’s the first vlog where I set up the camera and edited the entire thing myself (I was trying to give my wonderful sisters a break 😛 ) so if there’s anything odd about it–it’s all my fault. xD

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it. (And Jess enjoyed herself too, even though she might try deny it.)

I’m not going to tag anyone, but these questions were quite fun to answer so I’ll put them here, and you can feel free to snag them and do a post yourself! Just drop me a link in the comments and I’d love to read it. 😀

What do you struggle most in your writing with?
What inspired you to write your WIP?
What is the theme of your WIP?
Which do you enjoy more; planning out your character development or your world?
Do you have a set genre that you write to?
What would be your most dreaded genre to have to write?
Do you have a favorite character?
If so, why are they your favourite? (If not, why don’t you have a favourite?)
Are you a nice writer or an evil one?
If you could insert yourself into any part of your WIP in the place of your MC, what would it be and why?

I hope that was more interesting than just another boring old tag post. 😛


Your turn! What inspired you to write your WIP? Can you pick one of your precious characters as a favourite or do you love them all the same?

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