If you subscribe to my newsletter, you might remember that in October’s newsletter I had a few photos of a building project. I may have also mentioned it in passing in a blog post at some stage. (Pizza for anyone who actually does remember! 😛 )

For those who don’t remember/don’t subscribe the photos were of the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that we were building on the eastern wall of our lounge room.

Bookshelves are great, because they hold books. The more bookshelves, the more books you can have. Big houses are also great, because they hold more bookshelves. And more bookshelves means more books. (Aside from the fact that big houses also hold enough beds and food for big families but pfft anyway, that’s beside the point. XD)

After a month of working on this bookshelf, we are very proud to say that the project is finished and we have a huge wall of bookshelf. And even better, there’s a door in the wall, which means you can walk through the bookshelf.

I haven’t worked out the mechanics of having a secret door with a book as the handle, but maybe one day. 😉

It was a huge project but it was also a heap of fun, going to the warehouse to look at the timber, staining the timber once it was here, sawing, drilling, painting, screwing, holding. Everyone took part (though the biggest lump of credit goes to my dad for designing and buying and working every day from 8 to 6) and worked together to build this super amazing bookshelf.

After we finished the shelves themselves (haha! Rhyme!) my mum spent days sorting out all the books. One side of the door is all Australian books, the other side has historical books all in chronological order. There are shelves of biographies, certain authors, picture books. It’s all very ordered and it looks so amazing.


Something that happened on a couple of days during the work was that sometimes it just looked like we were getting nowhere. My dad would work all day and by bedtime the wall looked basically the same as it did in the morning.

I think life is like that sometimes. I try my hardest to be Christ-glorifying, selfless, servant-hearted. But at the end of the day I feel discouraged. I feel like I wasted all that effort because I have ‘nothing’ to show for it.

But the thing was, that the next day on building the bookshelf so. much. changed. The ‘changeless’ day before it was leading up to a big step, preparing for it.

Same with my life. If I didn’t have those days I wouldn’t be ready for the days packed full of opportunity to show God’s love and grace. If I didn’t have those days to prepare me, strengthen me, build me up so I was ready, I would get caught unprepared and glorious opportunities would go to waste.

I just need to trust that God always has a reason for everything. The good days, the tough days, the days of chaos busyness, the days of rest. I just need to trust.


Anyways. That was my completely random thoughts. To finish up, I put together this trailer styled video so you can all have an inside look at what building this bookshelf was like. I only had photos to work with and a fairly average program to do it in, so I’m personally quite pleased with how it turned out. 😛


Let’s chat! Does your family own a lot of books? Have you ever done a big project with your family or friends? How do you order your bookshelves? (Personally I’m a bit mix-and-match with my shelves 😛 )

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