Writing is hard.

I think everyone who does it can agree: it’s tough. We cocoon ourselves up into little balls of insanity and sit and write words. Every day. Sometimes all day.

Every now and then I just get those days where I don’t feel inspired to try. I know I could do it if I actually did it, but I simply…don’t. For no explainable reason, there’s just a sort of ‘flop’ in my brain. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But we’re writers. It’s what we do. How on earth do we manage when we don’t feel inspired to write?

I’m glad you asked. 😛 Though I certainly am not a wealth of all knowledge, here are three things I like to do when my inspiration throws itself out the window, off a cliff, and into a river (where it sinks and slowly floats out to sea and then gets eaten by a shark. Because that’s just what my inspiration does sometimes xD).


Step 1: I don’t force it.

Yes, you read that correctly. When my inspiration flops, I step back. I take a break—even if it’s just for an hour or two. If I try force myself to write, I’m going to end up with a whole lot of ‘flop’-feeling words, and I’ll regret it later.


Step 2: I do something relaxing I enjoy.

Sometimes this means reading an epic book, or playing my violin for an hour or so, or spending ages watching youtube videos on different martial arts moves. It could even mean scrolling through pinterest. *gasp* (Though, I recommend setting a time limit when it comes to pinterest.) It gives my brain a rest, and there’s so many inspiring things you can come across in books, music, art, or whatever you enjoy. Get outside! Look around you. Soak in the God-given inspiration that we literally live in.


Step 3: I try again.

After my session of inspiration, I often can dive back into writing, or plotting, or brainstorming. I’ve gotten some fresh air and my brain has successfully un-flopped.

Other times I still don’t feel inspired. And that’s okay. I just go back to step one and two and repeat. 😛 It might mean I need a longer break. Maybe I need an early night for once, or I need to stop grinding out stories and enjoy someone else’s story, or I need to chat with some friends and they can pour some inspiration onto me.


Inspiration can be a flighty thing. It can disappear without any warning at all, but don’t forget, it can come back just as fast. You simply need to give it a chance.



Chat with me! What do you do when inspiration seems to be gone? What are some fun relaxing things you enjoy doing?

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