2018. The year in which the bookworms go broke because of all the amazing books being released. 😯

Not even kidding, guys. We have another cover reveal of another amazing, epic, stunning cover. This time it’s the third book in Gillian Bronte Adams’ Songkeeper Chronicles.


Gillian Bronte Adams is an artful weaver of stories. Her stories are bright and full of hope and love even through the darkest times.

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I received Orphan’s Song as a Christmas present in 2015 and absolutely devoured that amazing novel. Since then, Songkeeper followed in its steps, proving to be absolutely worth the wait. And now we’re drawing toward the third and final book in this trilogy of epicness. Song of Leira.



Are you ready to see this cover?




(keep scrolling. 😉 )




Warning: it’s absolutely epic and may make you squeal.




(…and some more scrolling. You know you love this. 😛 )






Ahhh, oh my word, isn’t it just amazing? And look, look, we have a back cover blurb as well! *happy flailing*


Reeling from her disastrous foray into the Pit, Birdie, the young Songkeeper, retreats into the mountains. But in the war-torn north, kneeling on bloodstained battlefields to sing the souls of the dying to rest, her resolve to accept her calling is strengthened. Such evil cannot go unchallenged.

Torn between oaths to protect the Underground runners and to rescue his friend from the slave camps, Ky Huntyr enlists Birdie’s aid. Their mission to free the captives unravels the horrifying thread connecting the legendary spring, Artair’s sword, and the slave camps. But the Takhran’s schemes are already in motion. Powerful singers have arisen to lead his army—singers who can shake the earth and master the sea—and monsters rampage across the land.

As Leira falters on the verge of defeat, the Song bids her rise to battle, and the Songkeeper must answer. 


And of course, we couldn’t possibly forget…THE RELEASE DATE!


June 5th, 2018


Six months left, friends, and then Song of Leira is released into the world!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Remember back to when I did the cover reveal for Fawkes? Remember how that can be pre-ordered already??


Song of Leira is also up for pre-order. Check it out on Amazon to get your order in now, or add it to goodreads while you wait for it to become available in other places that have cheaper shipping (*cough* Like me. Book depository has wonderful free shipping 😛 ), and share the cover around all the corners of the internet.

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Don’t they all look so amazing next to each other?? Argh, it just makes me so so excited to get this book into my shelf.


That’s probably enough shrieking from me for one day. 😛 Go one and all and check out Gillian’s post about the reveal!


Have you read any of Gillian Bronte Adams’ books? What books are you most looking forward to in 2018? Chat with me in the comments!

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