Happy new year, everyone! πŸ˜€

*hands out pizza and confetti all around*


Since it’s the beginning of the year, I’ve been thinking about my plans for writing. What am I writing, when am I writing, how am I writing, and more. Realistically, I plan to write three first drafts (during each of the nano months: April, July and November) but I have such a flood of ideas that it’s honestly quite hard to narrow it down.

Today I have a list of five ideas—in no particular order—that I really want to work on at some point in the hopefully-near future. This post may or may not have quite a few aesthetic collages. You have been warned. πŸ˜‰


Road to Nowhere


I lived in the first house along Mystery Road.

I guess you could say I was the number one mystery of my time.

I only have the inklings of a plot for this, but the characters are mostly what catch my attention. It’s a split POV novel, with at least two main narrators: Jordan Lorde and his little sister Zap.

Jordan is a shy, conflict avoiding, unsure, protective big brother.

Zap is a feisty, stubborn, big-hearted little girl who’s not afraid to yell at the ‘baddies’ to make them go away.

I’ve written some small scenes from this novel and I love the characters a heap. They’re so fun and quirky and I honestly do love the contrast with the switched-roles between Jordan and Zap.


The Future of the Past

Victorian era/contemporary/dystopian

I know, I know. That genre/setting is a paradox. But that’s the whole point. It involves a three-layer reality…and a hole that breaks through those layers, bringing them all together into one.

The first one to discover the hole is a little boy from Victorian London. He never told anyone about the strange sort of blurry edge to reality, and the break remains hidden for years.

Until a criminal mastermind stumbles upon it.

*dramatic music plays*

The idea for this actually came from the top left image in the collage. I opened pinterest one day and saw it right in front of me and just sat staring at it for a good five minutes or so. I could justΒ tell that she had some sort of story. A small pinterest board appeared, with a concept that completely confused me. So the idea sat around doing nothing…until a friend of mine talked about a random story world idea he’d had involving the three layered reality. He said the idea was free for the taking, so I promptly took it.

From there this idea has grown much more and I’m honestly quite intrigued to delve into it more.




If you’ve signed up for my newsletter, you would have gotten the first few pages of this novel. If you haven’t signed up—now is the time to do so (here!). xD

Basically, it’s a fantasy story where the main character’s favourite word is “ugh” and he hates how cliche his life is and sheep play a major role in the story. I really want to write this sometime because the style of the first two pages has already hooked me. It’s so fun to write in and I can already see that this story will be a crazy adventure.

I am a prince, therefore I must rescue the princess.

I must also have an over-protective mother, a father almost as stubborn as myself, and a name long enough to make a dragon cringe.

That’s just how it works.

No one asks questions. No one steps aside from tradition. No one protests that it jolly well gets boring after five centuries of the exact same thing. Over and again.

ClichΓ©, am I right?


Steam Flight

(Title Undecided)
Steampunk Cinderella

In which the main character is a drug smuggling, biplane obsessed, hotshot pilot, who fills the role of fairy god[father] in this particular retelling.

I don’t think I need to explain why this story wants to be written. It justΒ needs to be. πŸ˜›


Invisible Son


I’ve mentioned my Japanese-Fantasy idea once or twice before, if I remember correctly. Akio Hirai is the son of an emperor. A fun loving mischief maker, whose favourite colour is blue. Unfortunately for Akio he isn’t up to his family’s standards of royalty…

This story intrigues me because a) Akio is a very fun character and b) I’ve never actually tried working with magic before. Well, to be fair, IΒ have but it was several years ago and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. So I’d like to give it another shot.

People often ask what sort of stories I write—sci fi or fantasy—and every time I say sci fi, but I do want to give fantasy a try because it deserves a fair chance. My writing style is much more common in the sci fi end of speculative fiction, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t sometimes work in a fantasy story too.


Bonus: Lando Erif novella/novel

Contemporary Fantasy

I know. This is more than five, but shhh. Count it as 5.5. πŸ˜›

Ever since I started writing the short Lando Erif stories, I’ve wanted to write a longer one. Recently I have had several ideas and also some new characters have stepped up out of nowhere and I’m really interested in them and their stories. I know that a Lando Erif novel would be really fun to write, it’s just a matter of getting the idea to fit that amount of words.

It’s coming, it’s coming. Not yet, but hopefully soon.


I could keep going, but I’m only planning to write three of these five novels this year, so this should keep me going for a while yet. Let’s watch me get to writing these and then changing my mind last minute and coming up with another completely new idea. πŸ˜›


Hang out with me in the comments! Do you often get ideas for stories/characters/concepts? Which of these novels sounds most interesting to you? What’s your current work in progress?

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