My first vlog of 2018 is up and ready for you to watch. I got a ton of questions, and I wasn’t possibly going to be able to answer them in a decent amount of time, so I had to split this vlog in two.

In today’s, I’ll be answering my favourites of the ‘random’ questions. Next week, or sometime in the general near future, I’ll answer all the writing related questions in a different vlog.

I’d also just like to apologise for the screaming cicadas throughout the entire video—particularly in the shots that were taken outside. It’s the middle of summer here, and that’s the tune that we hear from morning to night every day. 😛


So here we are again. Another dorky video of the normal, relaxed, not at all professional me. I hope you enjoy!

[To those viewing this in the email, you’ll have to head over to the actual blog post to watch it or else onto youtube]


As I said, Part Two will come soon with all the writer-related questions. Until then, thank you all for submitting your questions, they all made me smile when I read them. 😉


Your turn! What’s your biggest screw-up in the kitchen? Which fairytale would you want to be the main character of?

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