Sometimes I write a blog post at least a day early, have it all ready for the day of posting…and then completely forget to post it. And then the next day I have to sneak in with a blog post that is shockingly LATE and OUT OF SCHEDULE and just hope that you’ll all forgive me. 😉


I can think up half a dozen excuses (I was finishing my edits, I had beta reading to do, school work is a thing still, and life in general, also yes I’m plotting a new novel) but instead of trying to excuse my totally uncalled-for memory lapse, I’ll just get right in to the actual post. 😛

Today I’ve got a review of a beautiful book that I read a few weeks back—despite all of the above excuses that take up my time.


The Book


Once upon a time, a fairy is born. She lives in an old oak tree at the bottom of a garden with the rest of the fairy folk. Never has she known a time when life hasn’t been hard, with many dangers and much adversity. But when she becomes the Hunter of the group and learns to do battle in the outside world, her adventures really take off…

Don’t read this book if you’re expecting fairy dust – the last thing Knife is likely to wield is a magic wand…


The Review


This book was so fresh and different than any of the books I’ve read recently. While it might not be a masterpiece of fiction, it’s definitely a wonderful story in it’s beautifully unique way.

The characters were creative and each had personalities and quirks. I loved the culture and the history that was woven throughout such a small book. No, it didn’t go into detail and nor was it hugely impressive or developed, but it was still perfect for the story. Knife’s adventureous spirit and determination was so sweet and I loved how she grew and learned through the story. Paul, too, was such an interesting and realistic character with so much depth and reality that I could really enjoy the story.

I love fairy characters who are tiny, small things, and they have such angsty personalities, but no matter what they do it’s adorable. 😀

The story itself was just so sweet. As a little kiddo I loved fairy-related books, and this was like a flash back to then. The style of the writing, the story, the little quirks of the faery culture.

Not only that, but the style of writing was so visual and I could basically watch a movie of this book in my head as I read. Every scene was clear with just enough details, but not too much so I could fill in some of my own. The imagery and style was totally captivating.

I’m not hugely into romance in books, but sometimes the author pulls it off just right and I absolutely love it. This was one of those times. I won’t spoil anything beyond saying that it was so cute and beautiful and I loved it completely. The ending gave me all the happy feels.

Knife doesn’t have plot twists. It doesn’t have gripping action all the way through. It doesn’t have tension and suspense. But I—reader of YA action and epicness—still absolutely adored it. It was such a beautiful story.


I have full plans to read the rest of the trilogy, though I haven’t managed to get time yet. Shame on me. 😛 I definitely loved this though, so I have wonderful expectations for the other books, and I think they’ll not let me down.

I completely recommend this lovely little read. It’s easy and quick, but it’s a beautiful gem too.


Your turn! Do you struggle to find time to read too? What’s your favourite book that you’ve read so far this year? Do you horde books? What sort of books did you grow up reading?

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