Q+A Vlog (Part Two!)

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Here I’m am again with the promised second half of the Q+A vlog! It took me a little longer than I originally intended before I got this up, but it’s here now anyway.

This is the writerly vlog, where I answer the various questions about writing. Some humorous, others more deep. Thank you so much to all of you who sent me those questions, this was great fun to film. 😛

Without further ado, I’ll step aside and you can listen to me personally. 😉 I hope you enjoy!

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If you missed the first part of this, you can hop over here to watch that too. 🙂

Thanks for watching, folks! That’s it from me today, but I’ll be back on Friday with a book-ish post and some fangirling. And for those of you subscribed to my newsletter—that’s coming out tomorrow, so hang in for that! (and if you’re not subscribed, but want to be, feel free to sign up here. 😉 )


What’s your favourite part of writing? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to your characters? Chat with me in the comments!

Jane Maree

Jane Maree

Jane Maree is an Australian writer, adventurer at heart, beloved daughter of the King of Kings, and believer in at least six impossible things before breakfast. Raised on fairy tales, scraped knees, and makeshift swords, she has yet to outgrow any of them. In her day job, Jane teaches music and freelances as an editor, but by night she crafts daring stories of broken heroes overcoming extraordinary odds.


  1. J.A.Penrose

    Oh wow! Even in your serious writerly vlog I was laughing! Good job.

    I love the random names for your voices, and poor you. *pats* I’m sure your characters are happy that you didn’t chose.

    Favourite part of writing: First drafts. Lots of newness and getting to know the charries and not having o worry about how it sounds for most of the time.

    Worst thing I’ve done to my characters??? Um… mind games… oh, giving one of them a negative character arc was pretty bad. Let’s go with that. That was mean.

    Loved the vlog, yay!

    • Jane Maree

      Haha, I’m glad it made you laugh!

      I had a lot of fun making those after-credits. 😛

      Ah yes yes. First drafts are so much fun and excitement. *nodnod*

      Negative arcs is actually something I have never done. I’ve thought about doing it some time but to be honest any time I’ve tried to plot it out I just get too sad so I stopped. XD

      Thanks again!

  2. Krystal

    VLOG YAS *skitters off to watch* *scrambles back* this was fantastic. *nodnod*

    YES Milson is great. XD

    Many voices of Jane *chuckles* favorite would probably be the duck-elephant hybrid thingy. XD

    Totally agree with your finding-purpose advice. *nodnod*

    Favorite part of writing, hmmm….maybe exploring who my characters even are, and finding out their voices. Also drabbling them. That’s a lot of fun. 😛

    Worst thing I’ve done to them…probably stolen my MC’s little brother and home away from him(which he does love very much) and made him go off into scary new world[I cried…. D’:] Also killed off another MC’s adopted siblings’ parents(one of whom may be a character from that first book all grown up, idk yet *ninja face*) in order to set up the family dynamic for that storyline. (I actually did a drabble tying the two books/stories together and yeah…tears happened.) I felt awful after both… D: Like you said, doing emotional torturing is more painful/evil sometimes than physical.

    …and on that depressing note… XP

    eh, how to end this happy…


    Milson with floppy pizza, this mental image cracks me up. XD

    Really enjoy watching these vlogs!! : D

    • Jane Maree

      AW YAY, thank youuu. <3

      Yas, he's so much fun to write. I almost want to go back to those books right now just for him. XD But noo, ASoG must be worked on. 😛

      The duck-elephant hybrid thing was so weird. XD I was just watching through and then that happened and I was just "?? What on earth?? How did my voice make that sound??" XD

      Ooh yes, drabbles for characters are a ton of fun. *nodnod*

      D: That's so horrible.

  3. Quinley

    This was awesome!:)
    Thank you by the way for answering my question.
    The worst thing I ever done to my characters is probably… either having them being betrayed or kidnaped or…(you do not want to know what else.)
    I also love the voices you did at the end.

    • Jane Maree

      Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed watching ! 😉

      I loved that question. We writers are so mean… 😛

      Haha yes. XD

  4. Jenna

    loved the video! 😉👍
    “I’m hoping you all would want to buy my book” Oh, Jane of course we’d love to but your book!!!! pshaw, what a question…….😉

    • Jane Maree

      Aww. I’m smiling so big right now…I don’t even know what to say. You’re the absolutely sweetest, Jenna. <3

  5. Catherine @ The Rebelling Muse

    Really awesome vlog, Jane! I enjoyed every minute of it 🙂


    • Jane Maree

      Aw thank you, I’m so glad to hear that. 😀

  6. Chelsea R.H.

    What is the worst thing I’ve done to a character??? Um….It’s best we not dwell on that.
    Writing first drafts is the best! I love them so much! And then I hate them when I reread them, but oh well.
    Ah, after NaNoWriMo last year, I was reading my novel aloud to my sister and there were so many mistakes in it and it made us laugh hysterically too. Like, I wrote that a character’s mouth fell off, which was probably supposed to say “her mouth fell open”. But yeah…that’s what late nights and too much caffeine do to your writing 😀
    I either do crazy things for the purpose of writing, or do crazy things and get hurt and then am pleased because now I can write about a seriously sprained ankle realistically. That’s the way to make the best of every injury 🙂
    I enjoyed the vlog too!

    • Jane Maree

      Hehe shush yes don’t think about all the horrible things you’ve done. 😛

      Ahh yes same. I love writing them, even though I know that when I come back to read them later they’ll be total garbage. XD

      “Her mouth fell off” xD Oh my word, that’s hilarious.

      Writing is an excuse for basically anything. It can come in handy in any situation. 😉

      Thank you, Chelsea!

  7. Brie Donning

    I’ll have to narrate next time we play Mafia. Except I’m not sure I’m any good despite my writing abilities. But I’ll try. there’s a variant I know that could be quite fun to narrate.

    I like first drafts best too. And tpyos can be so funny. I get then with names most often.

    Description is probably my weak point too. And my action can be lacking too on occasion. I’ve written chapters composed almost entirely of dialogue.

    Sometimes I wonder why I write, but I’m not stopping. What else would I do?

    I’m figuring that by a bad theme, you meant a badly done theme. Because there are brilliantly executed books in both theme and characters that ultimately communicate terrible, terrible ideas. And they do it so well, that they have changed society.

    • Jane Maree

      Hehe I’ll look forward to it. XD (as long as I can blow people up XP)

      I had one draft where the main character’s name was ‘Jonathan’ but 80% of the time I typed ‘Jonatahn’ instead. 😯

      At least dialogue is still interesting…? Although a full chapter of dialogue could be a problem. 😛

      Same! That’s my exact thoughts. I mean, you COULD become a lawer… XD

      Ah yes yes, that’s what I meant. Badly executed theme. To have the actual theme be bad is much much worse because of the effect it can have.

  8. Katie Grace

    Oh my goodness you crack me up. I’m giggling at all the different voices at the end part. I really want to meet so we can talk in weird voices together. xD

    *raises hand* This American will definitely buy your book! 😛

    • Jane Maree

      Aww yaas. I’m so happy it made you laugh. XD
      Seriously though, that would be the most epic thing ever.

      Aww. Now I’m grinning so big and I don’t know what to say. <3

  9. Brie Donning

    I’d do no better as a lawyer than you would. That’s just not an area I have another interest in to do well in studying. I couldn’t be a lawyer if I didn’t care.
    I could be a seamstress, or a missionary. Or following my early expectations, just a simple homeschool mum.

    I’m re-writing that dialogue chapter. But honestly, it’s realistic. People do have long conversations without interruptions.

    Natlai instead of Natalia. Or Natalti, Natla, Natali…

    I’ll make sure blowing up is an option. I can’t promise you’ll ever be the one to do it sadly.

    • Jane Maree

      I can’t imagine you as a lawyer. XD

      True! We’ve had some quite long conversations before. 😛

      Haha okay. I’ll keep my blowing up for the novels then. xP

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