March is gone and April has come in it’s place. We’re a quarter of the way through the year, yet it feels like it only just began.

Today I’ve got a sort of random, rambly blog post, which is pretty much just a little update on my life at the moment. Basically this is a list of totally random facts to do with my current writing, reading, and general ‘life-ing.’

Because who doesn’t want to hear about all the randomness, hmm? 😛 As I write this, my brothers are down the back paddock playing with fire. My older sisters are writing and working. And my little sister is giving me a commentary on what she’s doing from the other end of the house, which is—naturally—resulting in having to yell at me (so I can hear) about how her toes think I should tell her another Lando story.

That aside, let’s dive right in! 😉



  • I’m doing Camp NaNo! And there’s been plenty of virtual pizza so far. 😉
  • I wrote almost to the end of Part One of PRINCE, but have now put it aside to go back to A Sprig of Green.
  • I’m back to editing again for Camp NaNo, with highlighters and pens and I’m having a heap of fun.
  • I signed the paperback copy of A Sprig of Green just for fun (seriously though, everyone should do this. It’s the most amazing feeling *flailing*).
  • I had a dream a few days ago where I became an official editor for Harper Collins and it was crazy but also cool.
  • February this year was the first month in over thirteen months straight that I had nothing to beta/alpha read/critique/etc.
  • I know. I’m crazy. Help.
  • My cousin tried to hand out my business cards to eleven randoms during her train trip. Apparently none of them were interested, but I’m still dying over the fact that she tried. 😯
  • I’ve only invented one new character in the past month (yay, only one!) but I’ve toyed around with revamping some older ones.


Bookish Related

  • I’ve read 14 books this year. (Admittedly, that’s not a huge lot, but it’s not too bad either.)
  • somehow 10 of those books were 5 (or 4.5) stars. 😯
  • I’ve received 3(!!) free books in the last two months.
  • I’ve read more fantasy than sci fi.
  • My favourite book so far this year—actually no. I couldn’t decide that. 😉 TOO MANY GOOD BOOKS.
  • I only stayed up until 11:30 reading. *applauds myself*


Last book finished…

Dragonwitch – Anne Elisabeth Stengl

“She felt herself caught up in the greatness of a story far too big for her mortal understanding, caught up and carried in a rolling current. But she was unafraid. For the first time, she believed she was truly alive.”

Currently reading…

The Story Peddler – Lindsay A. Franklin

“Selling stories is a deadly business.”




Life Adventures

  • I threw my cousin in a wheelie bin.
  • Then I tipped melted chocolate/chocolate custard in.
  • In front of my entire church.
  • Good times. XD
  • I got invited to an online friend’s birthday party in Idaho, and I may have cried a little (What can I say? It was the sweetest thing ever and I wish I could’ve said yes).
  • I named my laptop Fred (though there is some doubt whether it is officially ‘mine’ or just ‘ours’ in general).
  • I learnt how to surf. I’m practically a professional now. 😉
  • I’ve been sunburnt twice in the past month. Both times 100% my fault because I forgot that sunscreen was a thing.
  • We went on a bushwalk/ridge walk again, at the place we call the ‘front depot’ and got up before the sun rose and there was so much mist I couldn’t even see the next rise in front of us. Then right at the top, the sun finally broke through the mist and clouds and you could see the fog sweeping up from the valleys and leaving everything sparkling and beautiful.
  • Me, my dad, my sister, and my cousin played 500 (the card game) and made the terrible decision to start at 9 pm.
  • We went to bed a little before 1 am, and it was only a Friday night so there was no great loss. 😛
  • Besides, my sister and I won the game, so it was worth it. XD
  • I have learnt that bacon, banana, and maple syrup go very well on pancakes. Though I am yet to try it myself.



That’s pretty much it for me. Life has been full, but it’s been good. From the sunburn to the editing to the evenings buried in a book. God is good, and I’m so blessed.


Your turn! How has life been treating you? What’s the craziest/randomest thing you’ve done this past month? Are you doing Camp NaNo? What do you like to eat on your pancakes?

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