As an author and editor, the internet is a huge part of what I do. I blog, I’m on social media and forums, I meet new people, I build my platform—it’s a way of building relationships, and I’m so glad that it exists.

The internet = an amazing tool, but also a very easy distraction.

It can take upΒ so. much. time.


It’s so easy to just quickly check emails/notifications and then a whole hour has gone just like that. When I got facebook a few months back, I was prepared for a huge distraction that I was going to have to resist, along with the other online distractions I was already part of.


But while being very aware of those distractions and consciously making sure I didn’t fall prey, this past month-and-a-bit I have realised that I’ve been struggling more with my blogging. Posting twice a week isn’t excessive, but it does take out a big chunk of my time. Sometimes I spend practically the entire day writing my blog post, and when I’m on deadlines and working hard on projects that makes fitting everything in a lot more difficult.

So after a lot of tossing up and prayer, I’ve decided to cut back.

But WAIT, don’t panic yet. I’m not leaving. πŸ˜› ButΒ I am going to cut down my blog posts to only once a weekΒ (on Fridays).


I love blogging and connecting with you, but I want to free up more time for my own writing, my freelance editing, and all the other life adventures. My blog post content isn’t going to change at all—still the good ol’ Jane thoughts—but I’m hoping that through this I’ll actually be able to beΒ even more real in my posts and comment replies, because I have more time and I’m not frantically trying to balance everything.

(On a similar note: if you’ve sent me an email in the last month or so and I haven’t replied, I’M SO SORRY. I’ve been notoriously bad with losing emails and intending to reply and then forgetting, etc.)


I’m feeling all nostalgic now, but IT’S OKAY. I’M STILL GOING TO BE AROUND. πŸ˜‰ But I’ll also have more time for the writer-ly things, which is a definite bonus.


That’s it for today’s short post. It’s not as sad or dramatic as the title might suggest, so that’s a relief. πŸ˜› My monthly newsletter is going out tomorrow, and I’ll be back with another blog post this Friday and then the next Friday after that, so I’ll see you soon.

I’m so grateful to be able to know that you guys will understand and keep being the epic friends you are. You mean so much to me. *hugs and pizza*


Let’s hang out and chat! What’s the last movie you watched? What’s your favourite snack?

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