I’ve only got a fairly short post today, but I’m going to point it all on Camp NaNo. (Because I need a scapegoat and that is as good as I can get. 😛 ) July is almost halfway done, and the writing has been all happening like usual. I feel like I haven’t been writing quite as rapidly as normal this time around, but I’m still having a lot of fun. And since I normally write a the speed of a crazed meerkat, the word count is still going pretty well despite being slightly less crazy.


I’m a little over halfway to my goal, and a little over halfway through my novel too! At the moment, I have absolutely no idea how long it’s going to turn out to be, so we’re just going to have to wait and see.


I’ve been doing more research than normal too, and I’m quite proud of myself. 😛 Researching supernovas (because reasons), giant desert centipede bites (extremely painful *sadly pats my characters*), jet packs (surprisingly hard to describe), whether a Hydrogen Peroxide and Dyphenyl Oxalate ester mixture could work as a house lighting system (sort of, in two hour bursts before it has to be replaced with a fresh batch), whether golden metalic-like tattoos are possible (they’d be toxic apparently 😯 ), among other things.


I also had another character idea for a totally new novel, so that’s been trying to distract me. Woe to the plot bunnies! *hides* I shall not give in. 😉



Since it’s first drafting season(!!) I thought it was the perfect time of year to share some snippets, and—with perfect timing—my friend Rosey Mucklestone tagged me for the 7-7-7 challenge. So here I am.

The challenge is very straight forward. You go to the seventh page of your WIP, count down seven lines, and then share the next seven paragraphs from that point.


My Camp NaNo project Falling Sun is the culprit today, obviously, and the seventh page actually landed on the meeting between the two POV characters. So that was basically perfect. 😛


– – –

“Do you live here?” She asked it so quickly, I barely caught the words, but managed a nod.

“Where else would I?” As soon as I asked the question, and echoing question replied inside my head. Where did she live? No one could survive on their own. They’d be eaten by jackals even if they did keep out of the sun and manage to hunt enough food.

She stood still for a moment, then twisted around, pointing somewhere behind her. “The Undercity?”

A thrill went through me and I prised my fingers from the dagger hilt. There was something else here. Something we didn’t know about. Other people. A city? My breath quickened and I leant sideways to try see past the girl. She twisted back, saw me right beside her, and flinched back with a yelp. The sand slid away beneath her and she tumbled down, hitting the sand and skidding away down the dune. I jumped after her, my knees bent and my weight on the balls of my feet to keep me balanced as I slid down right behind her.

The girl tumbled right to the bottom, ending up in a heap. My surfing slide slowed as the slope lessened and I finished with a stumbling step to catch myself. I bounded over a rocky hole—probably from a horned viper—and stopped at her side. She flipped the rosy hair from her face and half propped herself up, wide eyes staring up at me. I offered my hand down to her. “Careful of the sand slopes.”

Her neck moves with a swallow then she slips her hand into mine, white fingers standing out in contrast to my brown fingers and dark palm-gloves. I drew her up, then pulled my hand back, flexing the fingers just to make sure she hadn’t somehow cursed them to turn to white stone.

“Roxanne Wilde.” Her voice snapped my gaze up, though I did not understand the word. She offered her own hand forward, as if I needed help also.

I glanced at her hand, then back to her face. Her eyebrows went up a little ways and she wiggled her fingers slightly. I took her hand again, gripping it, but instead of pulling me she simply shook our hands a little, then let go again. I dropped my hand back to my side and scrubbed it clean against my pants just in case.

– – –


Because surfing on sand like Legolas surfing down stairs is goals, and you never know when someone with incredibly pale skin might be carrying some sort of contagious disease. xD


I’m going to tag ALL of my wonderful Camp NaNo Cabin members, because they’re all amazing and a great bunch of friends. I don’t know if all you guys do tags, or if you want to do tags at the moment, but here’s a shout out to you anyway. No pressure. 😛 (Or you could even just share a snippet with me in the cabin.)

All the folks: JessClareQuinleySarahCatherineMemKendraBrieJasmineRal

And anyone else who wants to share snippets…feel free to steal this tag, or drop some snippets in the comments below! I’d love to read them. 😀


Your turn! How is your July going so far? Have you been writing? Share some snippets with me!

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