Fangirls. Fanboys. Most likely you’ve heard the terms at least once before.Β The fandom life might look appealing from the outside, but it has many unexpected dangers within. You never know what you might be getting yourself into. πŸ˜‰

So today I’m here to save you all a lot of trouble. Here are five reasons why you should NEVER. EVER.Β EVER. become a fan. It’s way too dangerous, trust me.


1: You’ll start buying all the books

As soon as you’re a fan, you’ll want to have these gorgeous books for yourself. First one book, then a trilogy, then a series, then a new bookshelf.

I speak from experience.


2: There’s always another book

It never ends with just one book. The author writes one book, then as soon as that’s released, you know what’s next? TITLE REVEALS. COVER REVEALS. A BRAND NEW BOOK.

The fandom world is a dangerous one and it’s one that never. stops. growing.

(But on that note, Nadine Brandes’ next book Romanov comes out May 2019 and I’M SO EXCITED.)


3: You’ll throw away your schedule (or sleep) just to read

Does your schedule need to be neglected? No. Of course not.

I would never neglect my schedule for the sake of reading a book. Nor would I stay up past midnight just to read ‘one more chapter.’

Absolutely not.


4: Your bookshelves can only hold so much swag

The crazier a fan you become, the more book swag you’ll attract, and book swag must be displayed on your shelves so that everyone can see the glorious beauty.

BUT what about when you have so much swag you can no longer see any of your books? What about when you can’t open your bedroom window in case all the ninja stars, the envelopes, the bookmarks, and the cards go flying off your shelves? What about when you die of suffocation because you are smothered in fandom swag?

What did I say? It’s a dangerous road.


5: Your TBR might literally crush you

If you’re in one author’s fandom, chances are you’ll find other authors similar. And you’ll find that their books are amazing as well. So you’ll add them to your TBR. And you’ll find more cool books. And more. And more.

As soon as that starts, it’s only a matter of time before your bookshelves collapse or your TBR starts throwing itself at you. If either of those happens: you’re doomed.



I hope this list has done its duty and scared you off ever being a book dragon. Keep these thoughts in mind for next time I post about an awesome book. You never know when you might be sucked into the fan life.

If you’re already receiving some of these repercussions…I’m sorry. I tried to warn you. πŸ˜›


Let’s chat! Is it too late for you, too? πŸ˜‰ What’s your favourite fandom? (book, movie, or other!) On a scale of ‘loud’ to ‘I’ve-gone-completely-deaf’, how loud is your TBR screaming at you right now?

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