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Several months ago I came up with this brilliant idea that I could do a fun post about my TBR for the second half of the year. Unfortunately…I completely forgot. And now there’s only four-and-a-bit months left.

Is that stopping me from doing this anyway?

Absolutely not.

Let’s dive right into the top books I want to read this year (but probably won’t get time to, whoops).

Note: I haven’t read any of these books yet, so I can’t vouch for whether or not I recommend them. 😉


Renegade Skyfarer (Stones of Terrene, #1)

by R.J. Metcalf

I found this book through a crazy book friend, and then noticed it was on sale for free on Amazon. So naturally I checked it out. And then I accidentally bought it.

Yes, it was a legitimate accident. Let me just tell you, the ‘buy with one click’ deal on Amazon really does buy the book with one click.

Now you know.

So obviously now that I own this book I want to actually read it. The premise sounds pretty cool. Sky pirates, dragons, and amnesia? YES PLEASE.


Moonblood (Tales of Goldstone Wood #3)

by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I got this one for my birthday in July, and I’m so looking forward to reading it. The Goldstone Wood books have never failed to pull me in and take me on a wild ride.

I’m not sure if this one can beat the feels-ride that Veiled Rose was, but I think it’s going to do the best job it can.



Unblemished (Unblemished #1)

by Sara Ella

My older sisters (aka: the best book recommenders in the world) have both read this and they keep telling me I need to as well.

The whole concept of her ‘blemish’ and the alternate dimensions/reflections sounds really amazing.

It might be really confusing too, but hopefully that won’t be too much of an issue. 😛

Bonus points that the cover looks gorgeous and Sara Ella is also a lovely person.


What Blooms from Dust

by James Markert

I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t even know what this book is actually about.

I signed up to BookLook Bloggers solely to get an early copy of Fawkes, but then I needed to get another review copy or else they’d kick me off (and I have to stay on for Nadine’s next book. Obviously), so long story short, I picked the book that looked the most interesting.

How did I pick? I went to goodreads and checked the synopsis. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even read the whole blurb. I just read the first sentence, and What Blooms from Dust was by far the best one available.

Blurb: Just as Jeremiah Goodbye is set to meet his fate in the electric chair, a tornado tears down the prison walls, and he is given a second chance at life.

Me: The main character starts off about to die — nice. Electric chair — sweet. Tornado — what on earth? This book sounds weird. I’ll take it.


The Evaporation of Sofi Snow (Sofi Snow #1)

by Mary Weber

This is another book I’ve heard a LOT about. Some people say it’s amazing. A few people say it’s not. But it was on sale on Amazon, and I figured it was never going to get cheaper than one dollar, so I snagged myself a copy. And while I was at it, I got the sequel. Because it was only one dollar as well.

So I’m hoping that I like them, otherwise that could be a bit awkward.

I also just realised that I’d never actually read the official synopsis. 😯 Whoops.


The Profile Match (The Mission League #4)

by Jill Williamson

I have been waiting for the finale of The Mission League series for far too long, but it’s finally on its way! There’s no cover or release date yet, but it’s probably coming out in the next few months.

Soon my questions will be answered. Mwahaha. I can’t wait.


Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga #1)

by Morgan L. Busse

I saved the best for last, as you can see. This is also not-yet-published (releasing in November!), but that’s not stopping me from adding it here. 😛

Have I read the author’s books before? No.

Have I had it recommended by a friend? No.

Did I add it to this list just because the cover looks so amazing and I’m obsessed with all of Kirk Douponce’s covers?




Let’s chat! Do we share any TBR books? What are the books at the top of your list? Do you add books to your TBR solely because of the gorgeous covers?


Jane Maree

Jane Maree

Jane Maree is an Australian writer, adventurer at heart, beloved daughter of the King of Kings, and believer in at least six impossible things before breakfast. Raised on fairy tales, scraped knees, and makeshift swords, she has yet to outgrow any of them. In her day job, Jane teaches music and freelances as an editor, but by night she crafts daring stories of broken heroes overcoming extraordinary odds.


  1. Steward of the Pen

    Nooope. I’ve never heard of any of those before :P. I also never have any unread books on my shelf (unless, of course, I splurged and bought the rest of a series because I knew I would die in suspense if I had to wait more than several hours between books). My TBR list is a million miles long, and unfortunately I don’t have a million dollars to buy them with. *sniff* BUT, Orphan’s Song is in the Amazon cart right now waiting to be ordered. YAY!

    My process for deciding if I want a book?

    *looks at cover* “Oooh, nice!”
    *looks at title* “Hmm.”
    *looks at blurb* “Interesting.”
    *looks at table of contents* “Cool.”
    *looks at first sentence* “Boring.”
    *looks at first paragraph* “Meh. Cliched. Flat. Ick. Doesn’t feel nice. Don’t like character. Writing style is meh. Go away, book. ”
    *puts book down and never looks at it again*


    *looks at cover* “Oooh, nice!”
    *looks at title* “Hmm…”
    *looks at blurb* “Awesome!”
    *looks at table of contents* “Cool!”
    *looks at first sentence* “EPIC!!”
    *looks at first paragraph* “I MUST READ THIS!! IT’S AMAZING!!”
    *adds book to never ending list*

    • Jane Maree

      *gasp* I wish I could say the same. I’ve got at least ten books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet. 🙁

      I feel your pain! I need to hold back from buying more books for a while…

      The Songkeeper Chronicles are some of my favourites! I hope you enjoy them. 😀

      Haha, that’s a great way of deciding. (Better than my spontaneous “hey I’m going to read this book now because I feel like it” XD)

  2. S.F. Dekreel

    Great. Now I want to read “Renegade Skyfarer”, too. Because STEAMPUNK!!! <3

    My TBR list consists of mostly Harry Potter and LOTR. I still need to read those. XD

    • Jane Maree

      YES, STEAMPUNK!! My favourite steampunk book ever is ‘Storming’ by K.M. Weiland, if you haven’t already read that one. Definitely recommended!

      Definitely read those too! LotR is harder to read because it’s just so hugely long and there is a lot of lengthy paragraphs of description in it, but it’s amazing at the core. And Harry Potter is another series that I shamelessly enjoyed. 🙂

  3. Janice

    Okay, as I consider you a friend, even though we haven’t met, I shall recommend Morgan L. Busse’s books. They are the bomb. Find her Followers of the Word series. Read it. I’ve read MoonBlood, and it was epic too. Mary Weber is an amazing author (my younger sister and I have read her Storm Siren Trilogy and it was GOOD!
    The pirate one looks good too. I like me some pirate stories…

    • Jane Maree

      Aw that’s so cool to hear! I’ll definitely see if I can get Mark of the Raven, and if the cover is anything to judge off it’s going to be amazing. 😀

      I’ve heard such amazing stuff about Mary Weber and also some not as great stuff so I’m really looking forward to reading the Sofi Snow books to see for myself.

      Aye, I’m with you in that. Some good airships are always fun too. 😉

  4. Chelsea R.H.

    I was just saying to my mum the other day that I liked the word Renegade, so I definitely am kinda hooked on Renegade Skyfarer, even though I’ve never heard of it, or the author, before 😛
    I’ve got the first of the Goldstone Woods novels on my TBR 🙂 I hope they’re good 😀

    • Jane Maree

      Saaame, I love the word ‘Renegade.’ It just sounds so cool!

      If I get around to reading it, I might put up a review!

      I really enjoy them, but they’re definitely not for everyone. There seems to be a really mixed jumble of reviews out there. 😛

  5. GJE

    Unblemished is an AMAZING BOOK!!!! I’m glad you’re planning on reading it. Some parts may get a bit confusing (maybe), but it’s a wonderful series. I LOVE the characters!!!(the character arcs are insane)

    • Jane Maree

      I’m so looking forward to getting started on it!! I might put off finishing the giant monster of Oathbringer…

  6. Laura A. Grace

    I strongly agree with that one-click purchase on Amazon! I have done that quite a few times myself. LOL! Also, so many great reads!!! I’m so glad your sister recommended Unblemished because it is SOOOOOOOO good!! Also, super excited that you got Renegade Skyfarer! 😀 (And more then happy to be your crazy book friend! Hehe!)

    • Jane Maree

      Haha yes! XD I was glad I hadn’t discovered that on a super expensive book. 😯 That could’ve been so much worse.

      I’m so excited to get into some of these books! I’ve been meaning to read a couple for aaaages, but now I’ve finally got them in my hands and ready to read. The bookworm dream. 😛

  7. J.A.Penrose

    Welp. I have read none of them. *tosses them on the infinite list*

    They all look really cool though. *nodnod* And wanting a book for the cover? Hmmm… Yeah. It happens. 😀

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of all of them!

    • Jane Maree

      All the books! 😛

      Mark of the Raven caught my eye instantly. I couldn’t help adding it to the neverending TBR. xD

      I’ll definitely be letting you know! 😉

  8. Kendra Lynne

    I really need to read the Tales of Goldstone Wood!! They sound like books I would fall in love with.

    Ooh, an electric chair?! Sounds exciting!!

    • Jane Maree

      Yes, I absolutely loved them!

      Mwhaha yes it does. Hopefully it’s as good as it sounds. 😛

  9. MiddleEarthMusician


    And OOOOOoooooooH…what's going on next Friday??? O-o XD

    • Jane Maree

      YES, DO IT!

      Something exciting! It may or may not involve a giveaway… 😍

  10. Quinley

    These books look so good.

    • Jane Maree

      Thanks! I’m super excited to read them. 😀

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