We’ve all had the struggle: having a hundred and three books being waved in our face and only five dollars in our pocket. It’s a sad life. But it doesn’t have to be!

There are plenty of ingenious ways to get a book for free or to earn some more money or even to just moan about not having the book.

If you’re having second thoughts about why you’re even following this blog, don’t worry. Sometime I have second thoughts about my sanity too, so at least we’re in this together. πŸ˜‚


1: Stalk authors to try get an ARC (advanced reader copy) of their upcoming book.

ARCs are the best. They’re early, and they’re free. Win-win.

I may have joined Jill Williamson’s street team just to see if I could get an ARC of her next release. Unfortunately she is not doing arcs. πŸ’” It’s always worth a try though.

Note: I alsoΒ do help out on the street team with marketing and spreading the news about her books in other ways too. I’m not only there for the ARCs. πŸ˜›


2: Look at the book cover and moan.

This is particularly good if the author isn’t doing ARCs. You’ve been denied the chance to read it early, so now you just have to look at the cover.

And moan. Loudly.

It’ll help, trust me.

For example: since I discovered that Jill Williamson’s next book, The Profile Match, isn’t going to have ARCs, I’ve sobbed in my bedroom and moaned at the cover ever since*. I will probably still be doing it until the release day on the 15th of October.

*This may or may not be an exaggeration. I will leave it up to your discretion to work out which.


3: Double check your wallet.

You never know. Your money might’ve taken pity on you and multiplied while you weren’t looking. That moaning could have done wonders.

This hasn’t worked for me yet, but I’m still trying.


4: Learn an instrument and go busking on the streets.

You don’t even have to learn the instrument, honestly. Pick up a guitar, start strumming away and howl at the moon about your love for books. At least one person will pay you to shut up, and then you’ll have a little more cash stored up for a book.


5: Remember that card with the twenty dollar note from your grandmother and dig it up from the depths of wherever you left it.

Speaking from experience, this is a really good way to suddenly have more money than you thought you had. 😝

Quick, go search through your drawers just in case there’s a card you forgot about.


6: Win a bookish giveaway!

This is a perfect way to get a book for absolutely no cost. Cool books posted right to you for no other reason besides the fact that you’re awesome…


And on that note. I’ve kept you waiting for so long now,Β (unless you just scrolled to the bottom of the post to check, tsk tsk) but the time has come to announce the GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

*dramatic pause*


Rae is the winner of the first prize: a book of her choice and a glow in the dark pendant! And Adora has won the notebooks and pen!

Excuse me while I go and scream with excitement for you. 😱 I will be emailing both of you today so I can get your prizes to you as soon as possible!


It was so fun doing this giveaway and I can’t wait to do another one! Thank you all for being amazing. Watching your entries come in was so fun. A special congratulations for those of you who tried for the trivia questions! Some of you got the right answers. Some of you didn’t. But it was good fun anyway.

For the record, the first novel I ever finished was indeed the novel I wrote for One Year Adventure Novel, and the title is The Bridge of Anskar.

As you may have noticed from the photo above, I also own (and play) five musical instruments! This way I can go busking with all five at once and earn five times as much money. It’s a flawless plan. πŸ˜›

And in case you wondered, my shirt says “kind of a big deal.”


Thank you again for being so amazing, everyone! It’s an honour to know you. Here’s to another year of writing heroes and hope! πŸ˜„


Chat with me! What was the last book you bought? If you had fifty dollars, which books would you buy with it? Congratulations again to the giveaway winners!

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