Recipe: Plot Twists 101

by | 26 October 2018 | Books, Writing | 30 comments

Disclaimer: this is a humourous post meant to amuse, not to instruct. You have been warned. 😉

We’ve all had that one book that totally blew our minds with the crazy twists and turns of the plot, always keeping us on our toes.

How do authors come up with such stunning plot surprises? How do they blow our expectations out of the water?


Well, let me tell you.

There’s a recipe for everything. And naturally there’s a recipe for plot twists as well. So grab your plot pots and spoons and let’s get stirring.



  • 1 novel plot
  • 1 cast of characters
  • 5 cups of conflicting ideals
  • Dash of betrayal
  • 1/2 cup of chaos
  • Untold Secrets, to taste


Step One:

Mix plot and characters to the pot and stir in two cups of conflicting ideals.

Stir novel until the mixture is inwardly boiling with conflict, though only a few bubbles show on the surface.


Step Two:

Add two more cups of conflicting ideals, and a dash of betrayal.

Pour in 1/2 cup of chaos, then stir rapidly until the mixture explodes.


Step three:

Mix in untold secrets to your personal taste.

Stir well.


Step Four:

Bake in fiery heat of unending edits for one year, or until well crisped.


Optionally sprinkle with disaster, and serve with reader’s tears.



What’s one book that’s totally blown your mind with all the plot twists? What do you think are important ingredients to cooking up the perfect twist? Let’s chat together!

Jane Maree

Jane Maree

Jane Maree is an Australian writer, adventurer at heart, beloved daughter of the King of Kings, and believer in at least six impossible things before breakfast. Raised on fairy tales, scraped knees, and makeshift swords, she has yet to outgrow any of them. In her day job, Jane teaches music and freelances as an editor, but by night she crafts daring stories of broken heroes overcoming extraordinary odds.


  1. Sam Kowal

    Mmm, good recipe. But you simply cannot make a good plot twist without a few dashes of foreshadowing.

    Not too strong, mind you, or it will ruin the entire recipe. Just the slightest of dashes, mixed in so that you can’t see it but the flavor comes through. Rather like the salt in pizza.

    • Jane Maree

      Yes, of course! How could I have forgotten such an important element to the plot twist?

      I definitely agree with that measurement. Expertly said.

  2. Krystal

    *chuckles* A+++ recipe. Explosions and tears and all that wonderfulness. XD

    (Seriously though, thanks for the smile this gave. < 3)

    • Jane Maree

      Explosions and tears are essential elements. 😉

      (You’re always welcome. *hugs*)

  3. J.A.Penrose

    Oh my word. Jane. XD I love it!

    • Jane Maree

      I expect to see some high quality plot twists coming from your way anytime now. 😛

  4. C L Farrelly

    I like the header image for this one too! Perhaps a few more plot ideas too, at least to get closer to a Brandon Sanderson level of storytelling.

    • Jane Maree

      Aw, thank you! I was really happy with how it turned out. 😊

      Ooh yes, you can’t go wrong with adding extra plots and subplots and even more plots.

  5. Jenna

    Haha, this felt like a legit recipe! 😄Thanks for my laugh of the day 😉👍

    • Jane Maree

      Of course. That’s because it actually is a real recipe. 😂

      I’m so happy it made you laugh! ☺

  6. Aposhipolepo

    LOL Great post today Jane!
    You did a brilliant job summarizing the common elements of stereotypical plot twists.
    On an unrelated note, while you are giving out recipes, do you (or any other readers I guess) have tips for making jam? 😉

    • Jane Maree

      Haha, thanks!

      I am no jam maker, so you’ll have to look somewhere else for advice in that area. 😉

  7. Nora Sanders

    You say this is not meant to be serious but I can totally see authors doing this. So evil…

    • Jane Maree

      It’s what some authors do best, mwahah. 😛

  8. Nicole Dust

    “Serve with readers’ tears.” I love it. Making this recipe ASAP. xD

    • Jane Maree

      It wouldn’t be as good without the readers’ tears. 😜

      Yes, do it! 🤣

  9. Adora

    “Optionally sprinkle with disaster, and serve with reader’s tears.”

    HAHA! This is lovely. *hurriedly copies down recipe*

    • Jane Maree

      Serving size varies on how much emotional trauma you’re aiming for. 😛

      Thanks! 😂

  10. Quinley

    Oooh, I am sure this recipe will taste simply delicious, I can’t wait to see the reader’s tears as they devour every word of it. 😀

    • Jane Maree

      Sure does. And the readers’ tears just top it off perfectly. 😉

  11. Kendra Lynne @ The Wanderling

    Lololololol this was awesome, Jane!! I loved it. 😀 I will definitely use this recipe. 😉

    There have been so many books that have about made me jump out of my skin with surprise, such as when GANDALF CAME BACK the first time I read The Lord of the Rings. I about cried with happiness. XD

    Great post, Jane!!

    -Kendra Lynne @

    • Jane Maree

      Haha, yess, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Yes! I actually knew that spoiler before I read the books, but it was still a pretty good moment anyway.

  12. Hann Remraf

    This is what I call a quality recipe. I love this, Jane xD

    • Jane Maree

      Thank you, thank you. I hope you’ll be utilizing this knowledge in the future… 😂

  13. Maggie

    Awesome recipe! I expect there to be lots of books coming soon with awesome plot twists 🙂

    • Jane Maree

      They’d better be! 🤣 I’m looking forward to it though. Got to love a good surprise. 😉

  14. MiddleEarthMusician

    Oh my word Jane. XD *dies* This was awesome.

    • Jane Maree

      *revives you* Thanks! 😛 I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  15. Kat

    Hahah! XD XD This is soo amazing!! XD XD xD

    I serve with reader tears alot.. XD XD

    • Jane Maree

      Haha, thank you! 😛

      Good, good. You’re doing it right. 😂

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