Young Adult fiction is totally my favourite thing when it comes to books, but sometimes I need a bit of a break from the thick monsters that people call YA these days (looking right at you, Brandon Sanderson), and middle grade fiction is a wonderful place to go.


Why middle grade books shouldn’t be underrated by the YA readership:

  • They’re shorter
  • Often funnier
  • Still amazing books
  • Just…more lighthearted
  • Super easy to read for a tired brain


With that aside, let’s take a look at some of my personal favourite MG reads!


Half Moon Investigations (Eoin Colfer)

This book is just so much fun, okay? A dash of mystery. A kid investigator. And so much humour. I read this book in one sitting a while back and I still giggle every time I think about it.

So many quotable lines too, which is an important quality for a memorable book. 😛


Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan)

These. Books. Are.



(aka, a summary of this entire post/list)

But seriously, I love these books so much. I think I could reread them several times. They’re so great and memorable and lighthearted but not frivolous and so thematically deep for MG books.

I’ve read Rick Riordan’s other series too, but I like this one the best. It holds a place of honour that the other books can’t quite attain.


Faery Rebels series (R.J. Anderson)

Taking a fantasy turn, but also still sticking somewhat in contemporary: the Faery Rebels books are so sweet and precious! They make my heart fuzzy, as well as having some great tense moments packed in there too.

These are definitely books on my ‘will read to future kids’ list.


The Wingfeather Saga (Andrew Peterson)

These books barely count as MG in my mind because they’re just so deep and crazy and amazing. I love the story and the characters and everything. There’s plot twists! There’s crazy creatures!

I’m still scarred from the ending of the last book. 😭


Gregor the Overlander (Suzanne Collins)

Raise your hand if you knew that Suzanne Collins wrote anything other than The Hunger Games. This little series is completely different and it’s nowhere near as well known, despite being by the same author, but it’s still so amazing.

I’ve only read the first one or two of the series, so I can’t speak for all of them, but I really really liked the first two. They were deep, but also quirky and original and fun at the same time. The whole concept of underground cities and giant bats and rats and prophecies was just so fun to explore.


I also apologise to all the middle grade books on my shelf that I have forgotten to mention, you are sorely missed.


Your turn! Do you like reading MG books every so often? What are your favourite books aimed at younger target audiences? Do you have a ‘for future kids’ mental TBR, or is it just me?? 😂

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