If you’re anything like me, Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. It’s so helpful and handy but it can be really, really easy to procrastinate on it.

But though it can be dangerous, we shouldn’t totally throw it out the window. With a bit of training, it can serve you as a good tool for your writing belt. (Because that’s totally a thing.)


1: Set time boundaries

Practice your self discipline. Say that you’ll do it for half an hour, and when that half an hour is up don’t give yourself any excuses. Just close all the tabs and stop.


There’s also some ways to be more time efficient while on Pinterest and they can help make that half hour or however long more productive, whether it’s searching for something you’ve pinned before, or looking for a setting inspiration or anything else.

Use the sections feature! I was super skeptical of these at first, but now I use them all the time. My storyboards are almost always split up into a section for each character or for the world building or for weapons or just useful information. It makes searching through my own boards so much faster, because it’s broken into smaller topics.


This one might seem random but it was seriously a life saver for me…For some reason, I seem to find so many more pictures of what I’m actually looking for if I search for ‘secret agent aesthetic’ instead of just ‘secret agent’. It’s not foolproof, but it often works.


2: Do it in your fun ‘relax time’

Basically…don’t procrastinate.

That doesn’t mean you have to finish everything else on your list before allowing some pinterest time. Make some pinterest time. If you’ve been working hard on something for ages, don’t feel bad to give yourself a fifteen minute break and have some fun playing around on pinterest, building your character boards or whatever you enjoy doing there.

Don’t confuse procrastinating with taking a break. As long as it’s a time-regulated break, it’s good. If you sneak over that set time, it’s time to draw your sword and slay the procrastination monster before it devours you. 😛


3: Have a goal and stick to it

I know it’s easy to get distracted with all the random memes or fandom references that come up and it’s so easy to go down a rabbit trail of mystery, but that’s not going to help you develop the visual picture of your novel or characters.

If you find yourself getting distracted, maybe switch to working on something else for a while instead. Don’t give in to the temptation. At least close the distracting tabs and get back on track with what you were actually there for in the first place.


Pinterest is like a dragon. Treat it well and set rules and boundaries and it will serve you loyally forever. Because dragons are immortal. 😉


Let’s chat! Do you use Pinterest for developing your stories? On a scale of one to ten, how easily are you distracted by the endless mine of pictures? (Probably at least a nine for me. 😅)

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