I’m a shameless rereader.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read a book, if I enjoyed it, I’m always up for another read.

On the other end of the scale, my sister is a shameless NEVER rereader. She has so many new books to read that she doesn’t see the point of reading something she’s already read.


Thus, over the years, I had to develop some very good reasons (*cough* excuses *cough*) so I could reread without any questions asked. Today—whether you’re a rereader too, or if you’re trying to understand why we’d bother rereading—I’m going to share the top five reasons for rereading a book.


1: I read it too fast the first time

I do this all. the. time.

I get so excited about the story that I realise I’m barely skimming each page and I’m skipping over descriptions left and right and important details are all getting lost in between. I finish the book and think “wow that was amazing, but I have no idea what just happened.”

This is one of the best reasons to reread. It’s basically like reading it for the first time all over again because there’s so much I missed. 😂


2: The plot twist blew my mind

You know those times when a plot twist suddenly jumps on you in the climax and it changes the entire book?

This is where the book itself is practically begging to be reread. You have to read it again! Appreciate all the little hints the author wove in that you hadn’t noticed before. Get your mind blown all over again because wow that was a good plot twist.


3: It was too amazing to finish reading it yet

Sometimes an amazing book ends sooner than you want it to.

Solution: start from the beginning all over again.

It’s not always as satisfying as you wish it could be (what happens next though??), but it’s still worth it.


4: The feels need more appreciation

If a book rips my heart out, there’s 97% chance that I’ll read it again. No regrets.

Shout out to the funny books as well though. Sometimes you just need to revisit it to appreciate the humour properly.


5: I want to read, but have no brain power

Sometimes I’m in the mood to read, but my brain is 99% dead. Time to revisit a good old favourite!

This is such a good reason, though. It can be inspiring and restful at the same time. Throw in a bit of nostalgia and it’s all wrapped up in a perfect burrito of happy rereading bookworm feels.


After all that, I hope I’ve given you some good excuses for next time you reread something. Or—if you’re not a rereader—maybe I’ve even convinced you to try it out.

Because none of us have endless TBR lists already, do we? No waaay. *nervous laughter*


Let’s chat! Do you reread? Have you ever reread a book for one of the reasons I listed? What’s the most-read book?

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