It’s been another age and a half since I did a random writing updates post, so I thought that since it’s the dawn of the new season (practically September already???) it was high time to sit down with a cup of tea and chat bookishness together!

I do more in depth monthly updates in my newsletter, so if you want to keep up on all those things, that’s the place to go for it. 😉 But I just wanted to do a small update here too!


On Writing and Editing

This year has looked a little different in the writing quarter than in the past. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my main novel, editing it on and off. But in July I had the amazing opportunity to get it professionally edited, so it’s been out of my hands for the last two months!

While I wasn’t working on it, I did a bit of writing on a new project, but mostly had a small creative break from deadlines and busyness.


However, I’ve just received the comments back from the editor, and it’s nearly time to dive into the action again! I’m going to start planning my next round of edits in a week or so, and once I have a plan, it’ll be allll the editing again!

There’s so much amazing feedback and suggestions to work through, and I’m excited to see where they can take this story next.

As far as publishing goes, I won’t be able to make a hardcore plan for that until I’ve worked out how much time these next edits will need. But once my edits are over (and a possible second round of beta readers), I hope to start writing my query letter and getting in contact with literary agents!

All your prayers and encouragements are soo appreciated. You guys are amazing. ❤


The Book Dragon Horde

I’ve read 37 books this year, and it’s been a great bunch of stories. This book dragon could not be happier!


I recently DEVOURED the Angel Eyes trilogy by Shannon Dittemore, and it was so good! So intense, so many emotions, and such a perfect ending.

I was also SO excited to get a four chapter sampler of an upcoming Enclave Publishing book, Brand of Light by Ronie Kendig. But now I’ve read the four chapters and I have to wait for the rest. *distant screaming* It was simultaneously the best and the worst thing ever.


I’m also in the middle of editing an AMAZING fantasy novel for a client, and I just keep being stuck by how crazy cool it is that this is my job. Getting paid to read epic fantasy adventures? Yes please! 😍


And that’s a little bookish update from me! I’d love to hear about your adventures too. 💕

Writers—what have you been writing lately? What have you been reading? Let’s chat together!

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