Disclaimer: this is a humourous post meant to amuse, not to instruct. You have been warned. 😉

There’s always that one book. That book which you absolutely ADORE, but as soon as it’s over it’s like all the other books have lost their vibrance. All you can think about is this one, precious story. It’s like a hangover, but for books.

If you’ve ever experienced this, don’t worry, this isn’t the end. If you’re stuck in love with only one book and always one book, I’m writing this post just for you.


Reread it

If you can’t get over it…why try at all? Just dive straight back in again at the beginning.

You know you want to do it.

Your TBR won’t crush you. Of course not. Just look at that innocent, teetering pile. How could you ever suspect it? 😇


Sit in the desert and cry

Alternatively, if you don’t have a desert handy, anywhere sad and alone will do just fine.

Find a spot. Go sit down. Cry over the book and how much you love it.


Build a book throne and crown yourself king/queen

Is there anything that building a book throne won’t fix?

Have a sore ankle? Sit on a book throne, it’ll be better instantly.

Behind on a deadline? Become book royalty. Deadlines must bow to you.

Trying to recover from a book hangover? Do it on a throne of books.


Run screaming to your nearest friend and make them read it

Make sure you have the book on you so you can wave it in their face for maximum effect as they try to fend you off. They’ll never be able to withstand you and your feels and your love for this book. They must love it too.


Keep screaming until they do

This may be necessary if your nearest friend isn’t a reader, or is particularly busy or stubborn. Keep persevering because eventually they’ll get sick of you screaming and they will give in.


Cry together. In the desert again.

Look, at least you won’t be alone this time! There’s always a bright side. 😂



What’s a book that you’ve had bookish hangover from? Have you read any new favourites recently? Let’s chat bookishness!!

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