The end of the year is looming already. It might be a few months away yet, but it’ll be over before I realise what’s happening. So earlier this week I was looking over the list of books I’ve read this year, and happy-sighing over how amazing this year has been book-wise.

I’ve almost met my goal of 40 books for the year, and I looooooooved almost every single one of those books. 😍


Shout out to three of my new(ish) fantasy loves, which I KNOW will be forever favourites. THEY’RE JUST SO GOOD OKAY.

These are also all fantasy trilogies so you get three epic stories, which means three times as much amazingness. Don’t look at me like that! Your TBR will love you!


Scarlet Moon

S.D. Grimm


This is the first book in a trilogy and I’m dyyying because I need the rest!! But now I only have two weeks before I get it! Eeeee!!!

I adored this book. It was so perfectly gut-wrenching. So action-packed. So I-love-these-characters-immensely.

It’s about a Chosen One who hates the people she’s meant to be saving. It’s about a legendary swordsman who is the actual most adorable precious loyal protector guy ever (say hello to my favourite character, Ethan πŸ˜‚). And it’s about so much more than that, but I can’t condense a book this amazing into a short description other than “READ IT.”



By Darkness Hid

Jill Williamson


Until very recently, I hadn’t read any fantasy by Jill Williamson. I hugely enjoyed her Safe Lands trilogy and The Mission League, but hadn’t gotten around to reading any of her others yet. Then, in a fantasy mood last week, I picked it up (you can get the ebook for free from Enclave Publishing now!!!) and it devoured me whole.

I felt like I hadn’t read a good old knights-and-princesses story for ages, and this fit that perfectly, but also exceeded all expectations! Achan Cham is a kitchen slave, who longs to run off to freedom with the girl he loves. But because this is a good book, he clearly doesn’t get to run away and make daisy chains in the meadows.

He nearly dies several times. He sasses royalty several times. He nearly dies again. What’s not to love?

There’s also Vrell, the other main character, who has her own set of adventures which eventually cross over with Achan’s and it’s just another whole lot of crazy epicness (though I do love Achan more).

Unfortunately, you can’t get book two and three for free from Enclave’s site, so I’m now going to be stalking all the bookstores for a sale so I can actually afford to buy the rest of this amazing trilogy.



The Weaver Trilogy

Lindsay A. Franklin


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Lindsay Franklin’s masterpieces once or twice, but I must do it again because I love her books!! And I love her!! And it’s all just so amazing! πŸ–€

The Story Peddler is the first book in this trilogy, and it was so beautiful and vibrant and I loved it. And then the next book came out in July: The Story Raider.

I loved it even Mor. (If you’ve read it, you’ll understand what I just did then. #moreMor 🀣)

The characters are so realistic. The relationships are so conflicting and complex and relateable. The seafaring, swashbuckling vibes are so strong. All the mystery! All the suspense! All the feels!


If these books aren’t on your TBRs already, go add them! Then come scream to/at me about them!


What are some of your favourite fantasy books? Have you discovered any new favourites recently? Chat with me in the comments!

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