Hyped Books I Didn’t Want to Read (but now I do)

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Time for another post where I scream about all the books I tried not to want to read…

which I now want to read. 🤷🏻‍♀️


It might just be me, but often if I see a book that’s really really hyped, I’ll try pretend it doesn’t exist. If everyone is screaming about it, I like to play cool and pretend I’m not interested.

Inevitably, this ends with me finally giving in and reading the blurb, and then adding it onto my TBR.

Every time.


So obviously now I’m going to tell you guys all about these books so you, too, can add them to your TBR and we can all be crushed together!




Stephanie Garber

I’ve been hearing about this book and its sequels FOR. AGES. And I studiously ignored them because it was just a book right?? But one day I saw someone screaming about this book one too many times and I got too curious to keep ignoring its existence, so I actually looked it up on Goodreads to check out the blurb.

And guyyys it sounds amazing.

There’s a circus-esque sort of performance/game, and two sisters who really want to go to it. But when they finally run off to do it, one of them gets kidnapped and there’s magic and love and sister relationships!!

Am I sold? Yes I am. I also spotted this book at my local library yesterday and since I didn’t have my library card with me, I had to leave it there. But I will be returning one day soon to borrow and devour.


Ignite the Stars

Maura Milan

I’ve got to admit that I’m not sold on this one’s cover. It feels kind of ordinary. Doesn’t inspire me. This made it pretty easy to ignore as photos and rabid fans were going around on bookstagram, buuuut then the sequel — Eclipse the Skies — came out and I actually liked the cover.

So guess what I did.

I read the blurb, and it sounds amazing! All the sci fi vibes. A legendary space outlaw, who no one realises is actually a 17 year old girl.

I am here for this sort of story.



Before She Ignites

Jodi Meadows

Not to be confused with Ignite the Stars, this one is fantasy! And I hardcore ignored it because from a distance it kind of looked like an adult fantasy book.

A YA girl forever, adult fantasy books terrify me. The Stormlight Archive (Brandon Sanderson) is the closest I’ve gotten, and IT NEARLY KILLED ME. Took me eleven months to finish Oathbringer and I’m not sure I’ll ever quite forgive it. 😂

But with all the recent hype of the latest book, I finally checked it out properly. And you’re probably tired of me saying this ten times in one blog post — but it honestly does sound so cool.

It’s got dragons and dungeons and royals and secrets!! All the perfect fantasy elements.


Sky in the Deep / The Girl the Sea Gave Back

Adrienne Young

Finishing off with another fantasy book! In fact, it’s TWO books, because why not? 😍

I honestly have no excuse for why I pretended not to be interested in this book. It’s got vikings and betrayals and all the epicness, but my stubbornness against hype knows no limits.

Until I read the blurb, that is. Then I always fall for it.

Sky in the Deep was a huge thing back when it released, but I was strong. I resisted. I turned up my nose. I ran away screaming.

And then The Girl the Sea Gave Back released just a few weeks ago. My bookstagram has been flooding with it for the last month or so, and I can’t escape.

And worse? Now I don’t even want to escape. I want to devour this story whole, because it’s calling my name and I can’t ignore it anymore!

Someone send help! My TBR is attacking!



You’d think that by now I would’ve learned that I will inevitably fall in love with books, but I still run away covering my ears when I see ANOTHER hyped book. Unless I’m the one hyping it, in which case I’M ALL FOR THAT.

You guys will have to run away from me now instead. Good luck. 😂


Chat with me!! Are any of these on your TBR too? Have you read and enjoyed any super hyped books recently? Do you avoid hyped books too?

Jane Maree

Jane Maree

Jane Maree is an Australian writer, adventurer at heart, beloved daughter of the King of Kings, and believer in at least six impossible things before breakfast. Raised on fairy tales, scraped knees, and makeshift swords, she has yet to outgrow any of them. In her day job, Jane teaches music and freelances as an editor, but by night she crafts daring stories of broken heroes overcoming extraordinary odds.


  1. Merie Shen

    I bought Caraval for sale a few months ago, but it was hard to get through it– alllll the innapropriate content. The storyworld is beautiful and the imagery gorgeous, but the romance and the insinuations… meh.

    • Jane Maree

      Oh noooo! I’m so sad to hear that. 😭 I hope I can enjoy it anyway! 😬

  2. Evelyn Kelly

    Wow that last one looks really amazing.
    And oooh. Caraval sounds very intriguing.
    How can I help you with your TBR when all you are doing is encouraging mine to grow bigger ang bigger until it will take down the whole block??? XD

    • Jane Maree

      I loove the cover for The Girl The Sea Gave Back! And all the viking vibes are really just begging to be devoured, honestly. 😛

      I actually started reading Caraval this week! (Jane actually reading something from her TBR? What is this world coming to?) I’m really enjoying it so far, and excited to see what’s beyond chapter six!

      Let’s all die under our TBRs together!!!

      Oh wait, maybe that’s not a great plan… 🤔🤣

  3. Mem

    Ahhhhh, these books sound super cool!!! ^-^ Haha, yes-YA and Middle Grade novels forever. X’D

    • Jane Maree

      Yessss, don’t they just??

      Adult books are SCARY. I will remain in the young adult genre forever, yes please and thanks. And also middle grade has so many unnoticed gems and I love how lighthearted it can be!! ❤

  4. Lila Kims

    READ CARAVAL. IT’S SO GOOD. I mean… I didn’t much like the sequels, but the first book is WONDERFUL. ❤

    I feel you on the hyped books. They make me nervous. XD But I want to read Sky in the Deep! And now I’m gonna have to look up Before She Ignites because I KEEP SEEING IT. So thanks a lot. XD

    Awesome post!!

    • Jane Maree

      I’VE JUST STARTED IT!! I’m really enjoying it so far! 😍

      Yesss, I always get this moment of “But is it REALLY as good as you say???” Hype instantly makes me more skeptical. But it also pays off a lot of the time. But I’m still skeptical. 😂

      Mwahahah…You’re welcome.

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