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This month is my one year bookstagram birthday, so here I am with my thimble-load of wisdom, to convince you all to join me in this adventure.

This was going to be a 101 post, but somehow it turned into an actually useful post, so I decided to just go with it. 😂


I’ve only been doing this for a year, and I’m by no means an expert, but that’s the great thing: you don’t have to be an expert to start bookstagram! It’s a really fun community of creative book lovers, full of all the aesthetics and unique personal styles of each bookworm.

So, clearly, you should do it too. Don’t be intimidated, it’s actually really easy!


Get a camera

It doesn’t have to be a super fancy camera, guys. It can be really basic. As long as it takes a decent photo, you’re set!

I’m lucky enough that my sister is a professional photographer and lets me borrow one of her cameras, so I use a Cannon EOS 600D for all my photo needs.


Learn to edit photos

I started bookstagram with a small knowledge of photoshop (again, because of my photographer sister), and over the last year I’ve been slowly gathering more skills.

You don’t have to use photoshop, I know plenty of people who don’t. Just find an editing thing that works for you, and go with that. Maybe you don’t even need to edit them at all and you can just use a filter!


A lot of people have been surprised to learn that I edit my photos, so I wanted to clarify a little thing: I just do little tweaks to the lighting and vibrance of the photos, that’s it. Unless it’s a cover reveal, when I might photoshop a cover onto a different book. I did that for the photo below!


Choose your style

Most bookstagrammers have a signature aesthetic to their accounts. This can change over time, so don’t stress about having to pick the perfect one, but do put some thought into it!

Right from the beginning, I knew I wanted to be a books-in-front-of-my-shelves person, and that’s what I’ve stuck with the whole time, and I love it.

Some people do outdoors-y shots. Some people do flat-lays. Go stalk all the amazing bookstagrammers and see what styles there are and pick what you want to try.


Make an account and learn as you go!

Those three things above is pretty much all you need to start out, and the rest of it is just learning as you go.

You can gradually gather props, try different set-ups, do giveaways, challenges, contests. It’s all about giving it a shot and seeing what works!



Do you do bookstagram? (If yes, drop your account in the comments so I can check you out!) Or have I convinced you to start bookstagram yet?? (If not, chat to me in the comments and I’ll try round #2 😂) I’ve had so much fun in the last year, and I’ve learned so much! It’s been a blast. Come join me. 😛

Jane Maree

Jane Maree

Jane Maree is an Adventurer—exploring the endless wonders of God’s beautiful creation. She started writing by accident, but since the very beginning has loved the enchantment of words on paper. If you say anything about pizza, superheroes, books, or any of her many, many fandoms, she’ll come at the double. Aside from crafting worlds using only twenty-six letters, she is a passionate Jesus-lover, freelance editor, self-trained martial artist, songwriter, and musician. In her spare time, she's often off on random adventures in the name of story research. She seeks to inspire her readers to step out and become the heroes of hope this world needs.


  1. Evelyn Kelly

    Great post!
    I was looking forward to a 101 post, but this was helpful so I guess that’s that. 😉
    I’ve always thought your photos are lovely! <3

    • Jane Maree

      Haha, I had one planned, but then this happened instead! 😂 I’ll have to do one next week instead.

      Thank you so much! 💕

  2. Mem

    Oooh, great tips Jane!!! I’ve been wanting to bookstagram for a while now…it may be in my future…maybe. XP I love all your pictures though!!! <33 Also, happy one year bookstagram-versary!!!

    • Jane Maree

      Yesss, you should do it! It’s heaps of fun, and the community is so friendly and encouraging.

      Thank youu! 😊

  3. ProfessorSJB

    I just started bookstagramming, and this was really helpful! I was kind of nervous at the beginning, but I’m starting to think I might actually like it.

    • Jane Maree

      Eee, yay!! I’m so glad it was helpful!

      I love bookstagram, and how flexible it can be. If I have a full few days and forget to post, it’s not a big deal! It takes a bit of the pressure off. 😊


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