Adventures of the bookish kind

Seven Tips for Writing Unique Characters

“Your characters are cliché.” Isn’t that one of the worst things that a writer can hear? The precious babies that you’ve spent so much time on sound like just another Harry Potter. Just another Disney princess. But with the amount of books in the world today, how can...

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Burning Rose Cover Reveal – Hope Ann

My author friend Hope Ann is gearing up to release Burning Rose, a paperback collection of the first three Legends of Light novellas! And now we all get to feast our eyes on the gorgeous cover!! A war, founded in ancient legends, changes the lives of those it touches...

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Giveaway Winner and a Q+A Writer’s Tag

It's been one whole week since my website launched! *cue confetti explosions* You guys are all so amazing and flooded me with comments and emails and I'm still so overwhelmed with your encouragement. 🙂 But now that it's been a week, the time has come. I have drawn...

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Website Launch, Newsletter, and GIVEAWAY!

Today is the official launch of my author website (as you can hopefully tell). Needless to say, much flailing and shrieking and excitement has been happening. Along with much work and photos and brainstorming. (Shout out to my epic sisters Clare—who took my photo—and...

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