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G’day there, friend! I’m Jane Maree.

I love Jesus, adventures, large cups of tea, beach walks, sunny days, music, and I’m bad at saying no to dares. I once hid up a chimney for half an hour to win a game of hide-n-seek. No regrets. I fall in love with fictional characters far too often for my own good, but I don’t plan to stop any time soon.

If you enjoy character-driven stories of hope and redemption beyond all odds (with some epic action thrown in), you’ve come to the right place! 💛



Jane Maree


The ‘official’ about me

Raised on fairy tales, scraped knees, and makeshift swords, Jane Maree is a lover of storytelling in every form, and her stories are always filled with hope, redemption, and a good dash of adventure. She is the writer and director of the YA science fantasy audio drama, The Nebulous Saga, and narrator of a handful of speculative fiction audiobooks. When she’s not bringing new worlds to life at her trusty laptop or in her recording booth, she can be found teaching and composing music, drinking at least four cups of tea per day, or off chasing the distant horizon on her next adventure in her beloved outback Australia.

Connect on Instagram at @TheJaneMaree.

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