Will you edit any genre?

Though I most frequently edit speculative fiction, I accept applications for most fiction manuscripts. I do not accept erotica or anything with explicit sexual content. I reserve the right to reject any manuscript at my own discretion.

Do you edit short stories?

I offer all the same edits for short stories as I do for longer manuscripts. The only difference is that if your story is below 15,000 words, I charge at my hourly rate ($20/hour).

I am an acquisitions editor with Havok Publishing and have published my Nebulous Saga series with them.


How long will it take for you to finish editing my manuscript?

This period of time varies with the type of edit, quality of writing, and the length of the manuscript.

For a line and copy edit on a 100k manuscript that has been well edited already, I would comfortably set a eight week turnaround time.

However, if you haven’t done sufficient edits on your work prior to submitting, it may take several weeks longer to complete the edits.

How does payment work?

Payment is made via PayPal. An initial deposit of 30% is required upfront to secure your slot on signing the contract, then the rest will be due after the edits are returned.

Invoices and further details are organised in follow-up emails after the initial application.

What makes you qualified to edit my manuscript?

Experience. I’ve been editing and critiquing novels for several years now, and building up my knowledge through the tried and tested method of practice.

I am an acquisitions editor at Havok Publishing since 2019 and a speculative fiction author. I’ve also completed several writing and editing courses and am constantly striving to grow and hone my craft.

Will my manuscript be mistake-free after you finish?

I can’t promise this. Even if I read through a manuscript ten times, there will inevitably be typos that slip beneath the radar, as in all published works.

I can promise that I will strive for the highest quality edit I can offer and will do everything I can to help improve the quality of your manuscript.

If your budget allows, I absolutely recommend getting multiple professional edits.

If you have any further questions before applying, please don’t hesitate to ask! Just hop over to my contact page or click here.

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