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A Sprig of Green

A Sprig of Green

Draft 1 completed

“You see Michayla? The second leaf of a clover stands for faith. The third stands for love.”
I look upward to Mother’s waiting gaze. “And the first leaf?” I ask the question again, even though I know the answer already. “What does the first leaf stand for?”
“That leaf is my favourite.” Her arm slips tighter around my small waist and she points to the first leaf on the sketched drawing. “The first leaf means hope.”

Fugitives Unbound Trilogy

Fugitives Unbound Trilogy

Book 1 - Editing

Book 1: Rogue Escarlate

Three thousand, two hundred and eighty-seven days.
Nine years of running from Great Federation agents didn’t leave time for much else.
Run. Or get caught.
Will preferred running.
And so he ran.

William Escarlate has spent his life evading the grasping fingers of the authorities. Escaping from the city of Moscow, he manages to slip beyond the borders of the Great Federation, only to find himself drawn into a gang of rebels
Now unwillingly embroiled in a revolution, Will fights to regain his footing in a foreign country. But it isn’t long before the intelligence agencies catch up with him, and if he wants to keep his life, he must never stop running. Dodging agents week after week, all Will has left is his hope—his hope that, even after all these years, he just might have a chance for freedom.

But no one can run from the Great Federation forever.
Eventually, everyone is caught.

Book 2 – Rewriting
Book 2: Agent Kit

Agent-in-training Benjamin Kit wants to stop the war, but to do so, he must stand against the most powerful organisations in the world. Even if he’s not alone, how can one group of renegades possibly win?

Book 3 – First draft
Book 3: Operation Flint

The third and final book in my dystopian trilogy. Jonathan Flint joins with Will and Ben and their friends to finish this struggle and bring back peace and justice and hope.

Lando Erif

Lando Erif

9 Short Stories - To be edited

You think dragons don’t exist? Fairies? Fire-breathing kids?

Think again.
I can personally vouch that they do.

Dragons? See ’em every day.
Fairies? Awkward fact is that I’ve kinda got one as an arch enemy.
Fire-breathing kids? Well…that’s me.

This is a compilation of a few of the more mundane events of my life.
Like that time that I accidentally turned my birthday cake into a lump of charcoal.
Or when the Twins got duct-taped to the train tracks.

But before you start, I’ll just say:
This is something I don’t suggest you try at home.

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