The Nebulous Saga

Audio Drama

DEEP IN INTERSTELLAR SPACE the notorious pirate Captain Dolion of the Nebula stalks his prey. For ten years he has pursed the Nova Alliance in his vengeance for the deaths of his parents. Ten years he has hunted. Ten years he has dreamed of only one thing: Death to the Nova Alliance.

Meeting Jesse Kieffer, cursed with mysterious powers, will force him to come to terms with his humanity, and risk losing—or gaining—the only thing he has left to live for.

From the minds of Jane Maree and Magnus Carlssen, Treasure Planet meets Hamlet in a quest for
vengeance and truth through the depths of space, now streaming on all podcast platforms.

All pirates are dirty liars and murderers, but none worse than Captain Dolion of the Nebula. His aim is as sharp as his tongue, and his neck scarf as red as the blood of his victims.


The Nebulous Saga was originally released as a 6-part flash fiction series with Havok Publishing. Discover where the audio drama started on!

Tales of the Void

An unfulfilled oath, a deadly hunt, and an enemy more terrible than Jesse realises… until it’s too late. Follow the story of Jesse Kieffer with this spin-off to the Nebulous Saga.

Surrounded by the bustle of the Holuvian Interstellar market, I finally admit how bad of a pickle I’m in.

No, not just a pickle. This is worse. It’s a situation.

This situation has left me stranded on an unknown planet with nary a coin nor friend to my name.

Click on the covers below to experience the adventure!

Secrets In Deepest Waters

YA Fantasy Flash Fiction

Every day, the threats grow nearer. Landkind come with their steel blades that burn to subdue us under their rule.

Yet it is not in the ocean to be tamed. Nor is it in me.

The kingdoms of land and sea are at war. Dune Seaborn is too young to Bond one of his peoples’ magical seafoam guardians and so cannot join the fight, but he is not too young to sneak to the surface and wonder what it is that makes his people and the landkind enemies.

When he saves the life of a landkind boy, he finds himself face to face with the dangerous prejudice against his people, and Unbonded or not, he must fight for his own life.

Experience this fantasy world through the eyes of Dune Seaborn in Havok Publishing’s Season Seven flash fiction anthology, Animal Kingdom.


The Art of Comedy

Contemporary Comedy Flash Fiction

Of all the things that could’ve gone wrong today, it had to be the Mona Lisa.

When National Gallery security guard Caleb Wilkins sleeps past his alarm one time, he arrives at work to find the Mona Lisa is missing.

In an attempt to save his career, he calls up his quirky homeless friend Percival Antonio Xanthopoulos—Pax, for short—to help, but the rescue mission doesn’t quite go as planned.


Find this laugh-out-loud comedy story amongst many others from authors across the globe in Havok Publishing’s Season Eight flash fiction anthology, Vice and Virtue!


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