The Nebulous Saga

Deep in Interstellar Space…

The notorious pirate Captain Dolion of the Nebula stalks his prey. For ten years he has pursed the Nova Alliance in his vengeance for the deaths of his parents. Ten years he has hunted. Ten years he has dreamed of only one thing: Death to the Nova Alliance.

Meeting Jesse Kieffer, cursed with mysterious powers, will force him to come to terms with his humanity, and risk losing – or gaining – the only thing he has left to live for.

Banner art by Sarah @SlisbyScribbles

The Nebulous Saga

Havok Publishing

All pirates are dirty liars and murderers, but none worse than Captain Dolion of the Nebula. His aim is as sharp as his tongue, and his neck scarf as red as the blood of his victims.


The Nebulous Saga is a 6-part series of flash fiction, following a nefarious space-pirate captain’s quest for vengeance. The whole series is available to read now on!

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The first instalment of the Nebulous Saga, Captain of the Nebula, is also available in audio thanks to Magnus Carlssen and the Havok Story Podcast.

Listen now on your favourite Podcast platform to enjoy Magnus’s fantastic narration! Sure to give you chills!

A grim, vengeance-sworn pirate Captain Dolion prepares to strike a mortal blow to his enemy’s civilization. Gently, the ship’s cook tries to reason with Peter for the sake of the innocent lives to be lost. Will they be able to sway the captain’s blood-lust and prevent a terrible tragedy?

An unfulfilled oath, a deadly hunt, and an enemy more terrible than Jesse realises…until it’s too late.

Releasing monthly in another flash fiction series, the Tales of the Void follows the story of Jesse Kieffer in a spin-off sequel to the Nebulous Saga!

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