If you’re looking for an editor who truly cares about your writing, look no further. Jane is a true professional whose passion for storytelling spills over onto the page. She always works with the author, partnering to polish the story without losing that all important “voice,” and she has a strong handle on the craft and a natural eye for flow that make her content edits invaluable. She’s not afraid to challenge writers to pen their best story, and she’ll do so in a timely fashion. If you have a project that needs some work, I’d recommend Jane without hesitation.

Andrew Winch

Editor in Chief, Havok Publishing

Jane has an eye for punctuation and spelling errors. She caught three times as many as other proofreaders! I was so thankful for her help.

If you’re looking for a proofreader, look no further! You’ve found a great one in Jane.

Jill Williamson

Award-winning author of "By Darkness Hid" and The Mission League series

Editing doesn’t have to be a painful experience! Jane Maree brings encouragement and laughter to her editing notes, along with the insightful suggestions and sharp-eyed corrections!

H.S.J. Williams

Author of Realm Award Finalist "Moonscript" and "Fairest Son"

Working with Jane was such a breeze! She provided quality feedback in a timely manner and answered the countless other questions I randomly thought of while I was knee-deep in her edits. Honestly, Jane helped me become a better writer as I’m now more equipped to tackle future writing pursuits. I’m so thankful Jane helped edit my first book, and I know anyone who utilizes her skills will be better off. I can’t recommend Jane enough!

Alissa J. Zavalianos

Author of "The Earth-Treader"

The first word that comes to mind about Jane’s editing work is ‘thorough.’ Her attention to detail is amazing, and she not only took my manuscript to the next level but grew me as a writer too. I’ve learned so much from her feedback and she’s been a delight to work with. Her tips and advice will be things I carry with me on my whole author journey.

Jenna Terese

Author of "IGNITE"

I had such a wonderful experience with Jane! I feel it’s always a little nerve-wracking when I need to have my poetry edited, but Jane saw the heart behind my words and helped me capture the vision I had in a more powerful way. Her feedback on title suggestions was extremely helpful as well (as this was something I was struggling with beforehand)! I was very excited with the final outcome due to her edits and would definitely work with her again, poetry or otherwise!

Laura A. Grace

Author of "Dear Author" and "Team Lines"

Marking the need for clarification. Smoothing awkward phrases or wording. Noting small inconsistencies that slip past the eye of an author – Jane Maree is an excellent copy editor. Her corrections are very thorough and range from basic grammar, paragraph breaks, and sentence structure to words that simply don’t sound right next to each other or don’t seem to fit the context. Altogether, they smooth both prose and story, making the text flow better than ever.

Hope Ann

Author of the Legends of Light series

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