What people say about my editing

Jane has an eye for punctuation and spelling errors. She caught three times as many as other proofreaders! I was so thankful for her help.

If you’re looking for a proofreader, look no further! You’ve found a great one in Jane.

Jill Williamson

Jill Williamson Author

Marking the need for clarification. Smoothing awkward phrases or wording. Noting small inconsistencies that slip past the eye of an author – Jane Maree is an excellent copy editor. Her corrections are very thorough and range from basic grammar, paragraph breaks, and sentence structure to words that simply don’t sound right next to each other or don’t seem to fit the context. Altogether, they smooth both prose and story, making the text flow better than ever.

Hope Ann

Writing in the Light

Whether it was pointing out the need for clarification in certain sections or noting awkward wording that impeded the flow of the prose, the clarity and insight of Jane’s comments immensely helped me in the editing process. It’s reassuring when an editor can see the vision the author has for their story and not only strives to help them to achieve it, but genuinely wants to see the story reach its fullest potential; Jane Maree was an editor like that for my story.

Audrey Caylin

Weaving Words on the Wings of Hope

I expected a typical alpha read from Jane Maree, but she went above and beyond that. I was having specific problems with my story, and Jane was careful to pinpoint those problematic bits and give me advice on how to fix them. And not only is she good at pointing out the smaller things, like grammar and sentence flow, but Jane’s also amazing when it comes to character arcs and themes. Her comments are clear and to-the-point, and she’s professional and amazing at what she does. My story is so much better because of Jane’s editing expertise.

Savannah Grace

Inspiring Writes

When Jane agreed to read my novel, I had no idea just how much help she would be. But as I read over and applied her feedback, I realized that she went deep. She didn’t just correct grammar and point out inconsistencies—she discussed theme, character arcs, and helped me brainstorm new plot ideas. Her comments were always helpful, but never discouraging, even when they were critical. She spurred me onward in my editing; by cheering for me, by believing in my story, and by helping me see how I could make my novel stronger.

Jonathan Trout

Fishing For Ideas

I was extremely pleased with how thorough the critique was! The comments made on my short story were extremely constructive, but also encouraging, because I knew Jane enjoyed the story and wanted to help me improve it. That’s a great quality in an editor. I’ll be coming back again next time I need something edited. Meantime, I know what needs to be done with my story, and that is a huge help. Thank you, Jane, very, very much!

Hannah Gaudette

The Writing Life

Jane gave me the date she would be finished critiquing my story by and delivered on the agreement. Her comments were insightful and helpful. Many were quite detailed and her knowledge of grammar and punctuation is exceedingly helpful since I just write, and only have half an idea about the grammar side of things. It was really worth getting Jane to read over my story because she noticed things I didn’t. Through working on her suggestions and comments my story is much better.

C. L. Farrelly

Clare's Spot

Having Jane critique my writing has been an amazing, insightful, and helpful experience. She has a clear sense of structure in her edits that makes it easy to follow, and successfully delivers productive criticism in such a way that I take note, and yet am not offended. She addresses plot issues, writing techniques, grammar, spelling, and wording crises successfully and in great depth. It has never been a mistake to ask Jane to read over my work, and I have done that many a time. Through her countless and fast—yet detailed—comments, my writing and works have been very much improved.

J. A. Penrose


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