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Storytelling is a craft, and like all crafts it requires hard work.

My goal as an editor is to help you improve your manuscript and your writing as a whole. I want to help writers to keep remembering the joy of their work, and to strengthen and deepen their stories until they SHINE.

I want to encourage and spur fellow authors on to reach for your goal of sharing your wild imagination with the world. And as a rabid fangirl, I want to squeal to everyone over the beautiful stories you tell!



  • Blurb – $50
  • First Chapter – $0.02/word (minimum $75)
  • First Three Chapters – $0.02/word (min $150)
  • Editorial Review – $0.02/word (min $1,000)
  • Developmental/Content Edit – $0.02/word (min $1,000)
  • Line/Copyedit – $0.01/word (min $500)
  • Proofread – $0.01/word (min $500)
  • Video Consultation/Coaching – $50/half hour (min $50)

Editorial Packages

  • Full Editorial
    • Developmental edit and copyedit – $0.028/word (min $1,400)


  • Video Consultation – $50/half hour (min $50)
  • Launch Assistant – $20/hour (min $120)

All prices are in USD.

I write young adult fantasy and science fiction, and these are my preferred genres to edit or market for as well, though I will consider manuscripts outside of these genres.

I work via Microsoft Word Docs or Google Docs.

Payment is made via paypal. Details will be sorted out in follow-up emails after you are accepted.

I want to see your third or fourth draft, after you’ve revised on your own and traded with critique partners. Please do not send first drafts as it is not worth your money nor my time. I do accept resubmissions of manuscripts that I’ve worked on a previous draft of, but only after as many edits as you can do yourself.

Please note: I do not accept non-fiction manuscripts. The edits below are outlined for fiction only.


Editorial Details

Blurb – $50

The back cover blurb is one of the first things your reader will read when they’re deciding whether to read your book or not. It’s also the first thing a literary agent or publisher will look at when you submit to them. That means, you want your blurb to be as good as it possibly can be!

I analyse the hook and concept of your blurb, as well as diving into the small details of phrasing, level of engagement, and any confusing points. You will receive suggestions on improvements and tweaks, and  my honest reactions and thoughts as a reader!

First Chapter – $0.02/word

In this edit, I focus on the strength of your beginning. Beginnings are what hook readers, and you need yours to be as well written as possible. I leave notes on the strong points as well as parts that could be improved, and practical suggestions on how to do so. I’ll talk structure and worldbuilding, and also look at some line edits to help you improve the quality of your prose.

Minimum $75

First Three Chapters – $0.02/word

This is essentially the same as the first chapter edit, except I can dive a little deeper into characters and the beginning of your plot as the story starts to develop over the first few chapters.

Minimum $150

Editorial Review – $0.02/word

The editorial review is a 5-10 page overview of your manuscript. I look at the strengths and weaknesses of the hook, premise, plot, characters, worldbuilding, structure, pacing, and more! It focuses on the big-picture elements of your story. In addition to this overview, I leave chapter-by-chapter comments to give you an idea of what might be going through your reader’s head as they read.

This doesn’t include any comments on specific prose errors, unless they are major points I mention in the overview section.

Minimum $1,000

Developmental/Content Edit – $0.02/word

This edit covers similar topics to the editorial review, but dives into the scene-by-scene a little more in-depth. Still focusing on the broad story elements, I delve into the strength of your plot, theme, character arcs, level of engagement, showing vs. telling, and POV consistency, among other things. I leave comments and suggestions on all these points, giving practical examples of how to strengthen and improve on them.

This critique doesn’t include any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure points.

You’ll typically take your manuscript back from a developmental edit with a lot of big-picture revisions. These could take you anywhere from two weeks to several months to work in to the full potential.

Minimum $1,000

Line/Copyedit – $0.01/word (min $500)

The line edit and copyedit are more fine-tuned than a developmental edit, and hone in on the details of wording choice, sentence structure, and grammar. Depending on the quality of your story, this step may need to be repeated more than once. These are the technical edits and the most thorough edits you can receive to polish your manuscript for publication.

This process is broken up into two stages for maximum quality.

I go through the manuscript line by line, clarify confusing points, check sentence structure, catch showing vs telling, correct spelling errors or typos, grammar, punctuation, awkward phrasing, inconsistencies in tense and other such details. This edit is only effective after the main elements of your story have already been polished as much as possible.

Note: a full editorial package includes both a developmental edit and a line/copyedit for a discounted price.

Minimum $500

Proofread – $0.01/word

This edit is the most technical of edits. It’s where I catch improper grammar, typos, misspelled words, details of formatting, and punctuation. It doesn’t cover any story elements.

Because of the specific focus of this edit, it should only be performed on the most finely polished drafts as a finishing touch before being sent to an an agent/publisher or self-publishing platform.

Minimum $500

PACKAGE: Full Editorial – $0.028/word

This is a two-part edit, combining both a developmental edit and a line/copyedit.

In the developmental edit, I break down your novel on the deeper levels of overall plot, theme, and many other aspects (see the ‘developmental edit’ section for full details). It evaluates your story as a whole and a crucial part of my full editorial package. I may also do a partial line edit during this stage.

After completion, I return your manuscript and you can work through my comments and suggestions. This could take you anywhere between a week and several months to complete your revisions.

Once you’ve finished, you send the manuscript back to me for the line and copyedit.

In the line edit, I go through your manuscript line by line. I suggest ways to smooth out the flow of sentences, point out confusing sections, help with showing/telling, and start to iron out the smaller details. During this edit, I also look at your revisions from the developmental edit and smooth out any remaining rough patches in that quarter. This goes by much faster than the first stage.

Following this, is the copyedit where I pick out grammar and punctuation, typos and word usage, consistency, and other technical details.

(Some manuscripts —in early drafting stagesaren’t ready for this level of editing. For a first-time edit, I would suggest an editorial review, for an overview of your novel’s strengths and weaknesses before plunging into fine-tuned edits.)

The full editorial package is my most intensive edit and will instruct you regarding the writing habits that can clog your writing. When you have pulled through a full edit, you will have a better knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and notes to help you with the writing and editing of future novels.

Note: this package does not include proofreading.

Minimum $1,400/50,000 words

Marketing Details

Video Consultation – $50/half hour

Need help brainstorming for your book release? This service is perfect for debut authors or anyone who struggles with marketing. I can give feedback on your ideas, advice and practical tips from my own experience, and suggest more ways to help you spread the word about your book!

Minimum $50/half an hour

Launch Assistant – $20/hour

If you’re swamped by all the things it takes to launch a book, I can handle some of the behind-the-scenes details to keep everything rolling smoothly. Whether it’s organising a blog tour, planning a Facebook party, or running a Bookstagram challenge, I can wrestle the details into line for you.

Minimum $120/6 hrs

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