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Content edits, technical edits, proofreading

Storytelling is a craft, and like all crafts it requires hard work.

My goal as an editor is to help you improve your manuscript and your writing skill as a whole. I want to help writers to keep remembering the joy of their work, to strengthen and deepen their stories, and to use my God-given gift to encourage and spur fellow authors on to reach for those goals.



  • Full Edit – $5.10/thousand words (50,000 word manuscript = $255 USD)
  • Comprehensive critique – $3.90/thousand words (50,000 words =  $195 USD)
  • Line edit/Copyedit Combo – $2.40/thousand words (50,000 words = $120 USD)
  • Proofread – $1.50/thousand words (50,000 words = $75 USD)
  • First 10 Pages – $30 USD
  • Hourly Rate – $15/hour (minimum one hour)

If your manuscript is under 15,000 words I charge at my hourly rate ($15/hour). 


Primarily I edit fiction, but also accept some non-fiction works (see below).

I will return your manuscript with notes, suggestions, and changes. I do this via Google Docs and Microsoft Word Docs. If you can’t work with these options, contact me and we can discuss a different method. However, I’ve always found both Google and Microsoft Documents to be simple and easy even for those new to them.

Payment is made via direct deposit or paypal. Details will be sorted out in follow-up emails after you apply.

I do accept resubmissions of manuscripts that I’ve worked on a previous draft of, but only after as many edits as you can do yourself.

Please note: the edits below are outlined for fiction manuscripts.

Full Edit: $5.10/thousand words (50,000 word manuscript = $255)

This is a two-part edit, combining both a comprehensive critique and a line/copyedit.

In the comprehensive critique, I break down your novel on the deeper levels of overall plot, theme, and many other aspects (see the ‘comprehensive critique’ section for more details). It evaluates your story as a whole and a crucial part of my full edit system. I also do a partial line edit during this stage.

After I have completed this, I will return your manuscript and you can work through my comments and suggestions. This could take you anywhere between a week and several months to complete your revisions.

Once you’ve finished, you send the manuscript back to me for the line edit/copyedit.

On the line edit/copyedit, I go through your manuscript line by line. I pick out grammar, punctuation, suggest ways to smooth out the flow of sentences, ask questions, help with showing/telling and essentially iron out the smaller details. During this edit, I also look at your revisions and smooth out some of the rough patches. This goes by much faster than the comprehensive critique.

(Some manuscripts at early draft stagesaren’t ready for this level of editing. For a first-time edit, I would suggest just a comprehensive critique and then it would be easier to come back over the finer details later after a few more edits.)

The full edit is my most intensive edit and will instruct you regarding the writing habits that can clog your writing. When you have pulled through a full edit, you will have a better knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and notes to help you with the writing and editing of future novels.

Note: A full edit does not include a proofread, as the manuscript is not necessarily ready for that level of fine tuning so soon after the other edits.

Comprehensive Critique: $3.90/thousand words (50,000 words = $195)

The comprehensive critique is a content edit, and thus focuses on the deep elements of your story. I delve into the strength of your hook, the premise, plot, theme, character arcs, level of engagement, showing vs. telling, POV consistency, and more. I leave comments and suggestions on all these points, giving practical examples of how to strengthen and improve on them.

This critique doesn’t include any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure points.

You’ll take your manuscript back from a comprehensive critique with a lot of revisions. These could take you anywhere from between one week to several months to work in to the full potential.

Line Edit/Copyedit Combo: $2.40/thousand words (50,000 words = $120)

This is another combined edit system, styled to iron out the rough patches in your prose.

The line edit and copyedit are often the last two edits a manuscript will receive before publication, or sending your novel to an agent. Depending on the current quality of your story, this step may need to be repeated more than once. These are the technical edits and the most thorough edits you can receive to prepare your book for publication.

A line edit is where I go through your manuscript line by line and smooth out the details. I clarify some confusing points, suggest transitions, ask questions, point out choppy sentences and wording and suggest improvements, catch last small cases of showing vs telling, and correct some formatting and typos.

After this edit, you will receive your manuscript back and can edit these details in. Further details such as extra deadlines will be worked out via email communication if you apply. Once you’ve finished with applying these edits, I will go over it again in a copyedit.

The copyedit is a detailed review of your manuscript in which I check for spelling errors or typos, grammar, punctuation, bad sentence structure, phrasing, capitalization, inconsistencies in tense and any minor plot points, and other such details. This edit is the last in line when you’re finishing up your novel and preparing for publication.

Note: a full edit includes both a line/copyedit and comprehensive edit.
If you have already received a comprehensive critique from me, the price of the line/copyedit drops to $2 per thousand words ($100 for a 50k manuscript).

If you would like to have me do the line and copyedit as one edit (rather than the two-step process above) or if you only want one of the two edits, please mention in the ‘additional comments’ section of the application form. Further details will be discussed via follow-up email.

Proofread: $1.50/thousand words (50,000 words = $75)

This edit is the most fine tuned of the technical edits. It’s where I catch improper grammar, typos, misspelled words, details of formatting, and punctuation. It sounds very similar to what I offer as a copyedit but is even more focused on even smaller details.

Because of the specific focus of this edit, it should only be performed on the most finely polished drafts as a finishing touch before being sent to an an agent/publisher or self-publishing platform.

Note: If you have already received a line/copyedit from me, the price for a proofread drops to $1.20 per thousand words ($60 for a 50k manuscript).

First 10 Pages: $30

This edit is essentially a full edit on your first ten pages. I cover the small details, but also focus on the strength of your beginning. Beginnings are what hook readers, and you need yours to be as well written as possible. I will go through this and leave notes on the strong points as well as parts that could be improved, and practical suggestions on how to do so.


I also offer line edits and proofreading for some non-fiction works.

  • Articles/blog posts
  • Papers/essays

These edits are essentially based off of the line edit/copyedit and proofread. I go through for any confusing points, spelling errors and typos, grammar, punctuation, bad sentence structure, phrasing, capitalization, and overall structure and clarity.

For papers and essays, I will also make sure the structure and formatting fits with the assigned style guide given. 

All non-fiction is charged by my hourly rate ($15), and paid via direct deposit or paypal. As with fiction manuscripts, I work via Google Docs or Microsoft Word Docs.

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